Spring Training Baltimore Orioles Tickets

Spring Training Baltimore Orioles is the venue for this year’s practice games and exhibitions for the Major League Baseball team, “The Baltimore Orioles”. Before settling in Baltimore, Maryland, the team spent its early years as “Milwaukee Brewers”, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They then moved to St. Louis and began to be known as the “St. Louis Browns”. After nearly 52 years, they moved to Baltimore to become the Orioles. The team is sometimes also referred to as the O’s or the Birds. They are most known for their home stadium, the “Oriole Park at Camden Yards” which was first opened back in 1992.

At the start of every regular “Major League Baseball” season, spring training carries out practice sessions, open for fans to watch. These also comprise of newer players trying out for a spot in the major league teams. Spring training events have proven to be very popular with the fans. Coinciding with the school and college spring breaks, the turnout for the games usually consists of college students and people from other states who want to enjoy the break. For this year’s Spring Training Baltimore Orioles tickets are already on sale.

The event usually lasts up to six weeks before the final opening day. Sometimes, different teams have different opening days that coincide with spring training days of other teams. Traditionally, the event begins in February and goes on till early April. Training sessions start early for pitchers and catchers, because they require more training than players of other positions. Team members usually adorn their training uniforms, saving their official team jerseys for their respective opening days. This year, Spring Training Baltimore Orioles will also play host to teams in preparation.

The concept of baseball teams training in venues other than the proper final game day ball parks began in the 1890s. By 1910, the spring training event became widely popular. Amongst the earliest training venues are Hot Springs, Arkansas’ “St. Louis Cardinals”, New Orleans’ “New York Yankees”, Phoenix, Arizona and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Later on, Los Angeles too became a venue when William Wrigley Jr. became in charge of the Chicago Cubs. Teams such as the “Kansas City Athletics”, the “Pittsburg Pirates” and the “Detroit Tigers” began to actively carry out spring training events.

Spring Training Baltimore Orioles tickets will be for the event which will start with the pitchers; Jake Arrieta, Zach Britton, Oliver Drake, Brad Bergesen, Troy Patton, Jason Berken and Dylan Bundy amongst others. This will be followed by the catchers Matt Wieters and Taylor Teagarden. The infielders Ryan Adams, Josh Bell, Robert Andino, Chris Davis and others would be next followed by the outfielders, Matt Angle, Jai Miller, Adam Jones and others.

Up until the 2012 season of Spring Training Baltimore Orioles would wear white uniforms with “Orioles” written in the front, and a cap with the signature “O’s”. Now, in the season, the “O’s” will be replaced by a cartoon image of an Oriole. Moreover, they will wear orange uniforms instead of the usual black or white ones.

As the weather around the country starts to get warmer baseball fans everywhere start to notice a spring in their steps. The excitement is due to the arrival of spring training which signals the start of the baseball festivities all over the country. It is a unique pre-season competition that has become an annual ritual baseball fans simply can’t do without. The excitement also engulfs the fans of the Baltimore Orioles who attend spring training Baltimore Orioles with unbelievable fanaticism.
Spring training started as a few exhibition games in the last decade of 1800’s and started to become popular by the time the 1900’s rolled into town. During those years the baseball players used to work at other jobs as well because the salaries they were getting playing the sport weren’t good enough. All that work used to get them out of shape so to tackle that issue a few teams came together to play some pre-season exhibition games to get the players ready in time for new season. It also was a way to increase more revenue for teams.
As more teams started to follow, the profile of these games increased to an extent that the competition had to be divided into two leagues, the Cactus League and the Grapefruit League. The spring training games are played in Arizona and Florida so the teams in Arizona became a part of the Cactus League and Florida teams joined the Grapefruit League.
The supporters of the Orioles buy spring training Baltimore Orioles tickets to watch their team get ready for the new season and by doing so get a first hand experience of what can be expected in the regular season. The Orioles are three time World Championship winners along with numerous pendants and division titles holders. They were established in 1894 thus becoming one of the oldest franchises to be playing till today.
The spring training Baltimore Orioles is held at their pre-season home the Ed Smith Stadium where they have been playing since 2010. Before that the team’s spring training base was the Fort Lauderdale Stadium where they were based since 1996. As the requirements of the team increased so did the need to move to a modern venue and that is how the move to the Ed Smith Stadium materialized.
The Ed Smith Stadium is based in Sarasota, Florida and it originally opened in 1989. Chicago White Sox and then Cincinnati Reds used it as their spring training base over the years and now it is being used by the Baltimore Orioles. It is a picture perfect venue to relax and watch baseball games and has a capacity of around eight thousand five hundred spectators. It underwent a major upgrade in 2008 which has turned it into a spectacular stadium. The best part about the stadium is that it gives a really good feel to the training sessions and the games.
The spring training Baltimore Orioles gives the fans of the team an opportunity to see new stars more closely that they normally would. Watching new players join the ranks of the established starts always brings a certain kind of excitement that is only reserved for sports fans and that feeling is not any different for the Orioles supporters. The fans get to see their team train very closely and also get a chance to get autographs from their heroes. All that coupled with special concessions at the ground for food and beverages makes it an ideal time for everyone associated with the Orioles to fine tune their preparations for the upcoming season.
Fans of the Orioles just cannot wait for spring to come so that the can go and watch their team and interact with them at the spring training Baltimore Orioles. It is not a once in a life time opportunity because it comes around every year but it sure is a chance that cannot be missed even if you have attended it before. True fans will always buy spring training Baltimore Orioles tickets to see their idols put through their paces as they get ready to step up to the plate…literally!

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