Spring Training San Diego Padres Tickets

All you fans of San Diego Padres out there! Take out your rosaries and bead away prayers for your favorite team for they are all set to play in the up and coming season this year. And while you pray, go see them get into the groove at the Spring Training San Diego Padres matches. Your hopes will definitely get a boost with the Spring Training San Diego Padres tickets!

San Diego Padres belong to Western Division of National League in the Major Baseball League. They are located in San Diego, California. They became a member of the Major League in 1969. They were one of the four expansion teams to join MBA that year. The other three were Montreal Expos, the Seattle Pilots and Kansas City Royals. It borrowed its name from the Pacific Coast League’s minor club. The name “Padres” means “fathers” in Spanish and is a reference to the Franciscan friars that hailed from Spain and founded the city of San Diego in the year 1769. The Padres did not perform well for the first six years of their formation. However, one bright star in the team was Nate Colbert, slugger and first baseman, who retains the career record of maximum home runs in the history of the franchise. The team saw a change in fortune in the year 1984 when they won their first West Division Championship as well as the National League Pennant. They repeated this performance in the year 1998. On the whole, they have won five West Division titles (1984, 1996, 1998, 2005 and 2006) besides the two National League Pennants. They have yet to win a World Series. You can make your own guesses by watching them play at Spring Training San Diego Padres games which are hosted at the Peoria Sports Complex in Arizona.

Spring Training mainly includes a series of exhibition and practice matches which are held before the regular season starts. It, thus, stars in mid-February and usually ends a day before the first day of the regular season. Catchers and pitchers start playing in the session earlier than the position players because catchers and pitchers require a longer training session. During the session, teams belonging to one state play against each other regardless of their divisions in the league. For example, in Spring Training San Diego Padres games, you will see the team play against other Californian baseball teams. Its main advantage besides training is that it allows new players to have a chance to play and prove their mettle.

Spring Training first became popular in 1890s and by 1910 had become a regular part of the sport. The main reason for its popularity is it coincides with the spring holidays in colleges and universities. Secondly, the contests are held between within-state franchises which are a rarity in regular season. So you might see the Padres play the Giants in Spring Training San Diego Padres games. Buy the Spring Training San Diego Padres tickets now and enjoy the rare rivalries!

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