Spring Training San Francisco Giants Tickets

Spring is a time to sit back and relax for a lot of people but for baseball fans it is a time to hit the ball parks, why? Well because that’s when the spring training starts. For every baseball fan that’s a time to relish and it is no different for the followers of the San Francisco Giants. For fans of the Giants the spring training San Francisco Giants is one big annual event that just can’t be missed. Every follower of the team tries their hardest to grab their share of spring training San Francisco Giants tickets to mark the start of the spring like a true baseball fan.
Spring training is one entertaining time of the year when some of the top teams come together to face-off against each other for a pre-season event. It all started in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s when a few baseball teams came together for some practice matches. These games were played away from their regular season homes and as time went by the popularity started to grow. Initially teams chose various destinations to play their games but in 1945, the Cactus League was born in Arizona when the New York Giants and the Cleveland Indians teamed up for their pre-season spring training. As the popularity grew so did the number of teams that started to take part in these games. The fans from all around the country made their way to these matches.
Spring training San Francisco Giants is a must watch event for the followers of the team. The Giants are one of the oldest and most successful teams in professional baseball history. Since the team’s inception in 1883, they have gone on to win multiple titles to cement their reputation as one amazing baseball team. The San Francisco Giants play their spring training games at the Scottsdale Stadium. It is regarded by most as one of the best facilities to be found anywhere else in the country.
The San Francisco Giants became a part of the Cactus League in the late 1940’s and played their games in Phoenix, Arizona for about thirty six years. They moved to the suburbs of Phoenix to the Scottsdale Stadium in 1984 which turned out to be a perfect match made in heaven. The Stadium is an absolute gem, with a staggering nine different training facilities over a fifty mile radius. It started its operations in 1955 and has gone through major upgrades since then. The biggest renovation took place in 1991 when the stadium was demolished and constructed again to a stunning new venue.
The spring training San Francisco Giants tickets are bought by the fans to get a glimpse of what the regular season might have to offer. The fans pack the Scottsdale stadium to capacity to watch some of the newest members of the roster line-up alongside seasoned pros to take the new season head on. One of the biggest events is the dinner arranged by the Giants for its fans every weekend during spring training. It is during events like this feast where the fans get to interact with their favorite players and get their autographs. All in all it’s an experience that followers simply look forward to every year so that they go to the spring training San Francisco Giants and support their team in its preparation for the regular season.
One of the most iconic teams in baseball playing at one of the most amazing facilities makes the spring training San Francisco Giants an amazing experience for everyone who has attended it. For fans of the team it’s a time to relish, a time to get up close and personal with their favorite stars warming up in the best possible way before the normal season kick-off. If you are a fan of this amazing team all you need to do is grab your spring training San Francisco Giants tickets now to support your team and let them know you are standing right behind them every step of the way like all true fans do. 

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