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Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays games are part of a wide spring training program for Major League Baseball teams, which is essentially a series of exhibition games and practices just before the beginning of the regular season. Spring training provides an opportunity to the new players to rehearse position spots and roster, while allowing the existing teams to play practice games in preparation of the forthcoming season.  Toronto Blue Jays play their spring training games at the Knology Park located in Dunedin, Florida. In 1977, in the first year of their inception, the Toronto Blue Jays declared that they would be playing their spring training games in Dunedin at the Grand Field. The Blue Jays have since played in Dunedin but moved from Grant Field because it was old and required renovation, which was carried out in 1989. The park was then renamed Knology park, where in 1977 the normal price for getting Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays ticket was three dollars. The Blue Jays have had an enormous fan base for its spring training sessions. In fact, in 1997, as many as sixty-one thousand fans gathered at the Jays camp to attend the team’s home games.

Knology Park, home ground of Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays games, is also home to Dunedin Blue Jays. The stadium was constructed in 1990, with a capacity of holding five thousand, five hundred people. it was renamed Florida Auto Exchange Stadium in 2010, just after its naming rights were acquired by a car sales center of Dunedin, known as Florida Auto Exchange. The stadium is considered to be one among the top five sports facilities for hosting MLB spring training games, as reported by Sports Illustrated. The stadium has three picnic spots, an air-conditioned box for the press, an electronic message displaying scoreboard, a normal sized MLB playing field, two other half-fields, concession capabilities and special batting tunnels. Recent renovations also feature grandstand seat replacements and new restrooms. The very first Blue Jays game took place in this stadium in the March of 1977, where the New York Mets were defeated.

The concept of spring training first gained prominence in the 1980s when it became popular among the teams of major leagues. By 1910, it was in wide use, with early training sites including Hot Springs for St. Louis Cardinals, New Orleans for New York Yankees, and San Diego for Kansas City Athletics. The Detriot tigers were the first team to carry out a spring training session in 1929 in Arizona, training in Phoenix at Central Avenue of the Riverside Park, and at Salt River. Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays began in 1977.

Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays games are a particular favorite since the Blue Jays have an unusually high number of fans. Since their first fifty games, the team set a record as a beginning expansion team with an attendance of over twelve hundred thousand. By the season’s end, more than seventeen hundred thousand people had gathered. By 1991 the team further established its popularity when more than four million fans attended their games. In fact, several Blue Jays players gained prominence in Toronto, such as Dave Stieb, with a franchise record of seven selections for All-Star. Stieb was followed by Roy Halladay, Roberto Alomar, Joe Carter, and Jose Bautista, with the later setting an MLB record with over seventy-four hundred thousand All-Star votes.

Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays games usually last for six weeks, beginning in mid February along with the other MLB spring training series. The games go on till the opening of the season, often coinciding with the season’s opening day. Catchers and pitchers are expected to report to the spring training series earliest since the pitchers make the most from longer training sessions. After a week or two, position players are called in and the team begins its practice games. Players are mostly seen in their uniforms for batting practice during the series, wearing their regular jerseys only on the opening day. Get Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays tickets and enjoy watching a practice game by your favorite team in Florida’s warm climate.
The Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays is a baseball team which is situated in Toronto in Ontario in Canada. The Blue Jays are a professional baseball team. The team is an affiliated member of the Major League Baseball (MLB) in the Eastern Division of the American League (AL).
The name of the Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays comes from the “Blue Jays” bird. Since the long established color of the sports teams that represent Toronto are all blue, the Argonauts as well as the Maple Leafs. The team has an epithet known as the “Jays”. The official colors that represent this team are red, royal blue, white and navy blue. This fantastic professional baseball team from Toronto is actually an expansion team of the baseball club which was created in the year of 1977 in Toronto. At the beginning, the ownership of this marvelous team belonged to the Labatt Brewing Company. At first all of the home games of this professional baseball team were played at the Exhibition Stadium. However, once the Sky Dome (Rogers Centre) construction was complete in the year of 199, the team began to play its home games at the Sky Dome. In the year of 2000, the ownership of the team went to the Rogers communication, a company which was finally bought by Sky Dome in the year of 2004. The name of the stadium was then changed to the Rogers Centre.
The Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays are known to be the second professional baseball team which is a part of the Major League Baseball (MLB) to be situated and located outside of the United States of America. It is also the only baseball team which is located outside of the United States of America after the equal Canadian baseball franchise by the name of the Montreal Expos which has been shifted to Washington D.C.
During the 1970s and the 1980s, the Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays went through a rough period, just like any new expansion team does. However, in 1983 the Blue Jays enjoyed their first ever winning seasonal playoffs. In 1985 the Blue Jays went on to becoming the division champions. From that time on the team, has had successful years being one of the pioneering professional baseball teams in the present day. This incredible professional baseball team is one of the three teams which are a part of the Major League Baseball (MLB) that is under the commercial possession, with the other two professional baseball teams being that of the Seattle Mariners also under the Nintendo of America Company and also the Atlanta Brave which is under the Liberty Media Company.
The Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays in partnership with the Major League baseball (MLB) has a series of practice as well as display session games which are commonly referred to being as the “spring training” games. These games precede the beginning of the regular seasonal playoffs. These games give new players the opportunity to show their athletic skills at a large scale, and consequently it allows the existing players of a team to practice well before the regular seasonal playoffs commence. This spring training game is a hot attraction for sporting fans and especially fans of professional baseball. The weather in which these games take place is absolutely amazing. Many people come from warmer climates to attend the spring training games to witness their much loved professional baseball team’s play live in action.
If you are a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays or a fan of the spring training game then you will be delighted to know that the Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays team is soon coming to a great sporting event near you. Having a chance to have those Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays tickets is going to be an absolute delight for any professional baseball fan. This is the best time for you to grab hold of those Spring Training Toronto Blue Jays tickets and experience a wonderful sporting game at an absolutely remarkable event. 

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