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The Washington Nationals is a major league baseball team from Washington, D.C. They are part of the East Division. They play their games at their home base; the “Nationals Park” was built especially for the team in 2008. The team will be starting its new season for the year soon. To catch one of the practice matches, get some Spring Training Washington Nationals tickets.
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The baseball team was originally put together in Montreal, Quebec back in 1969. At the time they were known as the ‘Montreal Expos’, and they came forward as the original Major League Baseball team in Canada. They would play their games at the “Jerry Park Stadium” and at the “Olympic Stadium”. Their first even big win was a victory at the Divisions championship which they received by beating the Philadelphia Phillies. For some time, the team maintained the highest winning frequency than any other team of the time. But eventually, some key players were let go off which not only resulted in a large loss of fan following, but also performance on the ball park. Thus in 2002, the “National League of Major League Baseball”, the MLB, considered letting the team go along with other teams who were not performing as well including the “Tampa Bay Devil Rays” and the “Minnesota Twins”. But, in 2002, the team was bought by the MLB and finally moved to Washington in 2005, renaming them the Nationals, the name by which they are known now.

For a while the MLB has considered contraction, but due to a player’s association agreement, this was put off till a later date. And so, the MLB had to look for other solutions for the then “Montreal Expos”. They began to search for a different site location for the team. They considered Oklahoma City, San Juan, Portland Oregon and Washington, D.C., Norfolk, Virginia, Charlotte, North Carolina and New Jersey. Las Vegas was also considered as a possible relocation site, but it seemed that Virginia and Washington were the forerunners for the choice.

During this season, the Montreal Expos had to play 22 home games at San Juan, Puerto Rico and 60 games in Montreal. Finally, in September of 2004 it was announced that the team would be relocated to Washington, D. C. The city had previously been home to the Washington Senators who would play at the Griffith Stadium from 1901 until 1960. They has produced baseball stars will the likes of Joe Cronin and Walter Johnson. The Senators were revived in 1961, lasting about ten more years, but for the following 33 years, Washington had no baseball team. Now with a team finally put together, the Washington Nationals are preparing for an all new season. Considering the amount of fallout they received at their relocation, there is a lot stake, now that the Spring Training Washington Nationals season is looming large.

The Spring Training Washington Nationals event will be a series of practice games and exhibitions that the team will play before the start of their main season. This will allow the team to play out and experiment with new strategies, new players, new positions and getting in tone with the competitive spirit of the upcoming season. The Spring Training Washington Nationals event is bound to catch a lot of fan attention as they would pile up to see what the team has in store for this season.

Traditionally Spring training Washington Nationals tickets are sold between February and the first week of April. This event is especially beneficial for catchers and pitchers because they are the ones who would benefit the most from prolonged amounts of training. The Nationals would be adorning their practice uniforms for the time.

The team already has a lot to overcome this season. Earlier in the year, their manager, Jim Riggleman gave up his post, stating that the team did not want to discuss the renewal of his contract. John McLaren was then named the temporary manager. In the end, Davey Johnson was put on contract for the entire 2011 season, with a possibility of managing the team all through the 2012 season as well. They did considerably well in 2011, finishing in third place. Other changes in playing positions include a trade off of Brad Peacock, A.J. Cole, Tom Milone and Derek Norris against the Picher Gio Gonzalez. Now that fans and commentators alike are getting anxious to see what the team will bring this year, the Nationals have a lot to prove.

The professional baseball teams playing for the Major League Baseball (MLB) are getting ready for this year’s season and training hard for it too.  Spring Training Washington Nationals tickets will give you a chance to gauge the prospects of the Washington Nationals and this season they appear to be quite promising!

The Washington Nationals or Nats for short, started out as an expansion team in 1969.  Interestingly the franchise was based in Montreal, Quebec, and was called the ‘Montreal Expos’ back then. They have the honor of being the first major team in Canada that belonged to a professional league. In 2002 the Major League Baseball (MLB) purchased the team and relocated it to the represent Washington in the 2005 season. The team plays for the Eastern Division of the National League.  At the Spring Training Washington Nationals this year, you can witness the team lining up a roster that is sure to give its rivals a tough fight.
Since 2008 the Washington Nationals have been playing their home games at the Nationals Park, a stadium for professional sports having a seating capacity of over forty one thousand. It is situated along the ‘Anacostia River’ in the neighborhood of ‘Navy Yard’ in Washington, D.C. The team is owned by ‘Lerner Enterprises’ which is an investment group/ real estate business that bought the team in 2006. Davey Johnson is the team manager who himself is a retired MLB player and has also managed the New York Mets, the Cincinnati Reds, the Baltimore Orioles, and the Los Angeles Dodgers before coming to manage this team in 2000. Mike Rizzo was appointed Assistant General Manager in 2006 and later in 2009, was promoted to General Manager. Before his era the team was caught in a rough patch but he made some great overhauls to the philosophy based on which the team was working and recruited players know to be team players. The games at Spring Training Washington Nationals will surely prove that the team is in good hands and on the path to success.

Traditionally Spring Training is the time right before a regular season starts when baseball teams play practice matches. These games draw baseball fans in droves as college students are on a break and spring is in the air. So make the best of it by making it to the Spring Training Washington Nationals games.

A particularly favorite feature of the Nationals’ home games is the ‘Presidents Race’ which is a race between its mascots. At each home game at the ballpark, the four presidents etched in “Mount Rushmore” namely Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson run to the finishing line. These mascots with their giant foam heads and period costumes have earned much media attention throughout the US. You will get a taste of the mascot fun at the Spring Training Washington Nationals games as the presidents would be there to support their beloved team!

Get Spring Training Washington Nationals tickets and join the journey to the regular season with fellow baseball fans!

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