Super Bowl Xlvi New England Patriots Tickets

Like every year, Super Bowl XLVI is hogging all the limelight in the media and everyone is playing the guess game of who-will-clinch-the-Vince Lombardi Trophy. The current edition of NFL finale, Super Bowl XLVI, is expected to bring more fireworks than ever before, and why not? After all, the much-anticipated game will bring two heated rivals, New England Patriots and New York Giants, face to face after 2007. For the Patriots, this is a perfect chance to take revenge of Super Bowl XLII when the Giants defeated them in (what is now known) as one of the major upsets in NFL history. This time around, the Patriots have a perfect squad and an impressive track record, and they are confident to rewrite the history in their favor by defeating the Giants fair and square. For their fans, Super Bowl XLVI New England Patriots tickets are the passes to witness a historic football event and a chance to support their favorite Pats.
Hailed as one of the most successful teams in NFL history, New England Patriots have made the most Super Bowl appearances in the last twenty-five years. They have won it three times and thus, mostly remain as the top-most Super Bowl contenders from AFC’s East Division. Their last Super Bowl appearance was in 2007 where they had been termed as the big favorites by everyone. The Patriots went undefeated in that season, winning the first 18 games, but eventually lost to the wild-card entrants New York Giants in the season finale. This defeat is still fresh in everyone’s mind and while the two teams are ready for a rematch this February at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis; the odds of Patriots winning the game are still high.
The current squad of New England Patriots is a mix of new and experienced players, and this combination has worked pretty well for them during this season. They have a strong offense, newly evolved defense and highly competent coaching side, which will make sure that the Pats enter the field will proper training and booming confidence. Each and every member of the squad is ready to play his best game and give the Giants a tough time from start till end. From the coach Bill Belichick to star quarterback Tom Brady, from Rob Gronkowski to Julian Edelman, and from Matthew Slater to Rob Ninkovich; everyone wants to project unrelenting excellence on the big day.
It is noteworthy that the Patriots have a fairly good season behind them, having ranked Number One in the AFC and defeating Baltimore Ravens in a dramatic AFC Championship Game which certainly had the most memorable ending in recent playoff history. More than anything else, the squad seems in good spirit and no matter if they win or lose, the Patriots are surely passing the test by all accounts. With their massive fan following, they are confident to put up a good show. The fans are also expecting action-packed Super Bowl XLVI New England Patriots game. If you are looking for good tickets deals for this event then this is the best time to book Super Bowl XLVI New England Patriots tickets. We are sure that the Pats have saved the best for the last, and they are not going to have any mercy on the Giants this Sunday. So book your Super Bowl XLVI New England Patriots tickets and witness this year’s biggest football gala!

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