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Super Bowl - History

Sport games have never been new for the American. Infact, bowl games have always been a favorite past time for the football loving fans. But what elevated the Super Bowl to an all time great American game and tradition, was the clash of the two prevailing and the dominating leagues of their times; namely the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL), to determine the real Numero Uno of football.

This tradition then has now entered into its 42nd season. The Super Bowl Sunday is nothing short of an invigorating clash of the titans, with the opponents coming from the winning teams from the NFL and AFL that play each other in pre-decided games and venues.

Initially known as AFL and NFL championships, it was soon nicknamed as the "Super Bowl", when a Texan investor and avid football lover, named Lamar Hunt named it so after watching his daughter play with a small, high bouncing ball popularly known as Super Ball at that time.

Since then the Super Bowl has not looked back. From honorific Super Bowl trophy named after Vince Lombardi, to the diligently handcrafted Super Bowl rings, to the cash awards for the winning and participating players, and the chance to be remembered as American football heroes, from the much hyped Super Bowl halftime shows and to the even larger than life marketing advertisements, to the Super Bowl pre-game and post- game mega parties, and to the billions of football fans and viewers - the Super Bowl is an all out celebration and an iconic representation of America's love for football.

Super Bowl XLVI - Profile

Super Bowl XLVI will be the 42nd annual championship game of the NFL, and will pit the champions from the NFC against the winners from the AFC at the end of the season. Super Bowl XLVI will be the climax of the football season. Scheduled to be played on 3rd February, 2008, this Super Bowl XLVI Sunday game will be no exception to the much celebrated Super Bowl activities and is promised to be an occasion like no other.

This time Super Bowl XLVI is going to be hosted by the American state of Arizona and will be played at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. The stadium is the first in America to be equipped with a retractable roof as well as a removable natural grass field surface, a novel idea in the history of football games. The stadium is equipped with all the latest amenities and is expected to accommodate football fans with a seating facility of more than 70,000. With an architectural design worth millions of dollars and state-of-the art sporting facilities valued at second to none - it is no wonder that the University of Phoenix Stadium has been voted as the Top 10 stadiums of the world by Newsweek magazine.

For Phoenix, Arizona, it will be the second time honor of hosting the Super Bowl championship. Arizona is ranked as the 5th fastest growing states of USA. It is home to an approximate population of 6 million with an aggregate of 1.6 million people residing in the state capital of Phoenix. Though Arizona is known for its picturesque landscapes, legendary history and cultural diversity - but it is mainly recognized for being home to the majestic Grand Canyon. Hence, it is affectionately known as the Grand Canyon state in the tourist lingua.

Like all preceding championships, the Super Bowl XLVI is also expected to be accompanied by the usual rush of excitement and activity, of which there is going to be aplenty. From the kick-off season in September 2007 up till February 2008 - the Super Bowl finale promises to be a spectacular event with wagers being placed, complete tickets sell out and football pundits predicting the teams expected to reach the Super Bowl XLVI.

Super Bowl XLVI Tickets - Availability and Buying Issues

With the regular football season approaching towards the end, every football fan clamors with bated breath to buy the Super Bowl tickets. This season's Super Bowl XLVI is going to be no exception when it comes to tickets sale. It is widely expected this season, that the demand for the Super Bowl XLVI tickets will exceed that of the supply and ability to accommodate a higher percentage of fans interested in attending the games.

Buying Super Bowl tickets can be quite difficult as there are fewer options to purchasing. Also the high prices of the tickets can be quite startling, since now Super Bowl tickets are evidently the most sought after tickets in sporting events. At one time, the retail price for each ticket was valued at a record $500. But now the tickets are often resold or scalped at an extremely higher amount than the original face value. This as well as other availability reasons make it cumbersome for football fans to actually buy the Super Bowl tickets.

The Super Bowl tickets are normally divided among and available through the host team, the conference champions, and to a lesser extent the remaining football teams. The remaining tickets can be bought directly from the NFL, but only through a random drawing process. Though this facility is open for the general public, but only a lucky few get the tickets and actually attend the Super Bowl. It is against NFL's policy to sell tickets through agents. This also hinders fans from directly purchasing tickets to their favorite Super Bowl games.

Apart from the above options, the remaining choice is that of purchasing from various online vendors or brokers. Even this makes it tougher with websites trying to lure fans into buying "discounted" tickets from their inventory. The tickets can be bought online, through email or a phone call from the contact details mentioned on the websites. There is plethora of sites to choose and buy from. Even this aspect can be quite tedious for online buyers, especially during the peak of the football season.

With the Super Bowl XLVI season in its full swings, all American football loving fans must ensure that they are able to buy tickets of their choice on time, so as to avoid the disappointment of missing out on watching live, the unique experience of the Super Bowl XLVI.

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