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Super Bowl XLVI nears every week, and teams like Tennessee Titans are sure to give their all to make it to the top. There will be some amazing games in the upcoming weeks and history is going to be made. Be part of history in the making. Get the Tennessee Titans tickets for the events leading to February clash next year. As the tickets are being sold like hot cakes, we guarantee that it will be every cent’s worth! Buy your own Tennessee Titans tickets now and book yourself for an exhilarating ride.

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The Tennessee Titans is a professional team of American football, based in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. This franchise was previously known as Houston Oilers, and was started off in 1960 as part of the American Football League. The Oilers had the honor of winning the very first two championships in the AFL, and later shifted to NFL, as part of the merger between AFL and NFL. At the moment, the Titans are members of American Football Conference’s (AFC) South Division in National Football League (NFL). With so much legacy and history attached to the team, it is an amazing feeling when you buy the Tennessee Titans tickets and enjoy the legendary franchise perform.

In 1997, we saw the team move from Astrodome, Houston to the state of Tennessee. Even though they moved to a new state, they kept their name and were called the Tennessee Oilers, for two seasons, before renaming themselves the Tennessee Titans. The team also went through some shaky phases, as they temporarily played at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, Memphis, waiting for their own facility to build in Nashville. In 1998, however, this changed, and they moved to Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville. Now the team plays at LP Field, Nashville and this is where you’ll be if you purchase the Tennessee Titans tickets for a home game. They have a 31 acre facility for training at MetroCenter complex, in the Baptist Sports Park.

The Titans have long been credited as one of the most underrated powerhouses of NFL. It is due to the fact that they have not yet won any Super Bowl. However, people forget the fact that they have been AFL Champs twice and AFC Champs as well in 1999. Along with this, they have an impressive 9 Division Championships under their belt and a total of 21 Playoff appearances. And after the recent 23-17 win over the Buccaneers on November 27, 2011, they seem as a formidable force and one that can cause major upsets. Their upcoming games are against the Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars and the new kid in town – Houston Texans. So come witness the finest of football and chant your favorite anthems alongside T-Rac, the raccoon from Nashville. The Tennessee Titans Tickets are up for grabs now; so get yours before they are sold out! <

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