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Uconn Huskies is the name of the University of Connecticut’s athletic teams for both women and men. All the teams are supported by the University’s students who buy Uconn Huskies tickets for every game they play. The support of their amazing and hardcore fans has turned the athletic division into one of the most successful in history. The fans are one of the biggest reasons the Uconn Huskies have been so successful over the years and that trend looks likely to continue in the foreseeable future.
The University of Connecticut was established in 1881.  The land and some of the very first funding for the university was provided by two brothers Augustus and Charles Storrs. Over the years the institution went through some changes to its name and size and was eventually named the University of Connecticut in 1939.
The teams however were named the Huskies in 1934 when the name of the college was changed to Connecticut State College. The name was selected when the campus’s newspaper ran a poll to select the new mascot for the athletic teams. A husky dog was the overwhelming choice of most students which was then duly approved. The Husky dog was called Jonathan as a tribute to their governor in the War-era Jonathan Trumbull. The first ever mascot was a white and brown dog but since then it has been shown as a completely white one thus becoming a symbol of identification of the Uconn Huskies that remains till this day.
The Uconn Huskies are members of NCAA Division I-A, Atlantic Hockey and Hockey East. Some of the sports are played by both men and women teams whereas there are other sports that are played by either of the two. The excellence is not only restricted to academics only with the University’s athletic division accumulating numerous titles and records over the years.
The Baseball team of the Uconn Huskies is one of the most successful in their division. They play their home games at the J.O. Christian Field. The team went on to achieve something that many thought would not be possible when they created a record of forty eight wins in a single season two years back in 2010. They have produced fourteen All-Americans, two Olympians amongst many other big names that have gone on to achieve huge success.
The men’s basketball started at the university in 1901. Under the tutelage of coaches like Hugh Greer, Dee Rowe and Jim Calhoun etc the Uconn Huskies men’s basketball team has gone on to unprecedented success. They have won seven Conference titles, twenty eight Conference regular season titles and three NCAA tournaments. They are the current NCAA champions as well, a title they won for the third time last year.
The Women basketball team of the Uconn Huskies isn’t any different from their men counterparts in terms of success on the field. If anything they have bettered the success of their men’s team and has been one of the most well supported sides in their division with fans buying the Uconn Huskies tickets to follow them everywhere. This amazing team has won a staggering thirty Big East titles and made it to the final four round twelve times. On top of all that they have also won the NCAA title an unbelievable seven times. They also holds the record for the longest winning streak in history when they went on a ninety games unbeaten run, a feat that will not be eclipsed anytime soon.
The Uconn Huskies other athletic teams haven’t done too badly either with their Soccer team winning three NCAA titles and numerous Conference titles. The football team has also won three NCAA titles out of the five appearances they have made to the finals along with a total of seventeen conference championships. The men and women track and field teams have accumulated a staggering thirteen championships between them at all levels.
The success garnered over the years by the Uconn Huskies has been nothing shot of incredible. A lot of that success is down to the immense support by their fans who don’t let a chance pass them by to grab Uconn Huskies tickets to go and support their teams and that is the kind of following that guarantees more silverware coming their way in the near future and beyond.

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