Ufc 139 Shogun

Ufc 139 Shogun Tickets

In the world of physical entertainment as well martial arts, there is no league that comes closer to the Ultimate Fighting Championships. The UFC is widely considered as the toughest and most challenging fighting circuit around the world. Among the competitive landscape, the UFC is known for having one of the most brutal fights to be ever shown to an audience. It surpasses anything and everything else with which it can be associated with. Apart from the Heavyweight Championship fight, UFC 139 Shogun is the second most eagerly anticipated fight. The winner of this epic battle will become the number one contender of the Light Heavyweight Championship belt, and as a result, both fighters will be expected to put everything on the line to come out on top. Considering the intensity surrounding the fight, making sure that you buy your UFC 139 Shogun Tickets as early as possible would be a smart move considering the fact that they will run out extremely fast.

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UFC 139 Shogun is sponsored by the Ultimate Fighting Championships. It is an eagerly anticipated mixed martial arts fight for those who believe that the sport is one of the purest forms of deciding who is better than the other. The fight will be held in the month of November in the year 2011. UFC 139 Shogun will be the first ever time the UFC 139 event will take place in the city of San Jose in the state of California. The UFC 139 Shogun fight will involve two of the best fighters from around the globe. These include the Brazilian fighter Maurício Milani Rua, better known by his nickname Shogun, coming up against the challenge from American fighter Daniel Jeffery Henderson, or Dan Henderson as he is more widely known.

Maurício Milani Rua, or Shogun, hails from the city of Curitiba in Brazil. He is a mixed martial arts fighter and is currently enrolled in the Ultimate Fighting Championships. During his time at the UFC, he was the proud winner of the Light Heavyweight Championship belt. Over the course of his illustrious career, he also won the Pride Fighting Championships Middleweight Grand Prix in the year 2005. The victory in this event earned him the exclusive black belt of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the fighter also possesses a black belt in the Chute Boxe Muay Thai system. Two of the most renowned media giants that cover the fighting industry have labeled Shogun as the second best Light Heavyweight fighter all over the world. The beast of a fighter is also ranked in at the number tenth spot for the best pound for pound fighter around the globe. Shogun is known for his aggressive fighting style where he seeks to dominate his opponent from the start. He is also known for his vicious stomps and kicks to downed opponents. The UFC 139 Shogun fight will be, however, his biggest challenge yet.

Dan Henderson hails from the city of Downey in the state of California. He is a former Olympics Wrestler and has been involved with the Ultimate Fighting Championships since the year 1997. Henderson is the only fighter ever to hold two championship belts at the same time for two different weight classes. Over the course of his magnificent career, he has won at the Pride 2005 Grand Prix welterweight tournament. He has also been crowned champion at three different tournaments earlier in his career. According to media giants Sherdog , Henderson is the tenth best light heavyweight fighter in the world. However, Fight! Magazine and Mixed Martial Arts Weekly have ranked him better with second and seventh best light heavyweight fighter around the globe respectively. It is widely believed throughout the world that Henderson is eagerly waiting for his fight with Shogunat the UFC 139 Shogun as it would be the most illustrious fight of his career and would grant him the chance to challenge for the Light Heavyweight title. He will, however, face a monumental task in bringing down the heavy-duty Brazilian.

UFC 139 Shogun promises to be full of jaw-clenching action. With all the media hype that is being created about the fight, it is safe to assume that expectations for this phenomenal fight are sky high. Missing out on the chance to see UFC 139 Shogun live would be something a person would regret for the rest of their lives. In order to ensure that you will be there to see this monstrous event in front of your own eyes, buy your UFC 139 Shogun Tickets today.