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Ufc 140 Jones Tickets

Yes we all love watching our football, basketball and baseball matches with their superbly executed passes and throws, bewildering shots and masterful slugging. However, it's in the contact sports of boxing and wrestling where it takes the most guts to face down your opponent, albeit with considerable rules and padding as in the case of the latter. Hence when you remove many of the strings to leave only a bare few hanging and throw in mixed martial arts in the mix, you've got yourself a virtually no holds barred, legally brutal and pure adrenaline fueled phenomenon of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Snag some UFC 140 Jones tickets now to behold two titans of the sport battle it out.

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The requisite elements of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) which are the various styles of combat at the disposal of the fighters, such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, tae kwon do, Muay Thai and karate have longstanding traditions rooted deep in Oriental and South American History.  However, their fusion in the spectacle of UFC took place some two decades ago in the city of Denver in Colorado in 1993. Inspired by the jiu-jitsu fighting of the Gracie family of Brazil who took and defeated various masters of martial-arts styles from around the world, Art Davie came up with a format to be played out under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

The UFC 140 Jones event will feature none other than Jonathan Dwight Jones, the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Jones showed promise as a physical contender early on in his teens when as a high-school wrestler, he became the state champion of New York in his category. However it was when he discontinued his studies at college where he was pursuing a degree in criminal justice that he commenced his mixed martial arts career in 2008. After a string of five victories that entailed pair of KOs and TKOs, Jones threw a TKO against Moyses Gabin to claim the USKBA Light Heavyweight Championship. Entering the UFC the same year, he fought his way to the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship in 2011 and has successfully defended it three times.

The UFC 140 Jones will see the reigning UFC Light Heavyweight Champion defending his title against Daniel Jeffery Henderson, the former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion. After debuting in the Brazil Open in 1997, Henderson came out on top in the UFC 17 Middleweight Tournament the following year and then went on to win the Rings King of Kings 1999 Tournament in 2000. Henderson also fought tooth and nail in the 2005 Pride Welterweight Championship and came out victorious.

Other than the main Jones vs Henderson bout on the main card, the UFC 140 Jones event will have nine other bouts being fought out between the likes of Dennis Siver and Eddie Yagin, Danny Castillo and Michael Johnson and Shane Roller and Jacob Volkmann. Claim your UFC 140 Jones tickets to witness who loses his spleen and who reigns supreme in the ultimate mash-up of brain and brawn.