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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) promoting company. It is the WWE’s equivalent in professional MMA fighting promotion and the largest one of its kind in the world. UFC arranges events all over the globe and hosts the majority of the world’s best fighters in MMA.

Founded in the early 1990s, the U.S. based company held its first ever event in Denver. It aimed to find the most ideal martial art that could be used in an actual fight between opponents of differing disciplines. The latter included a number of fighting styles, ranging from boxing to karate and Muay Thai to wrestling, among many others. Following this initial competition, fighters in later UFC events began to mix and match many techniques from various martial arts disciplines. This blending of fighting styles ultimately helped create what is now popularly known as MMA. As the sport developed further, UFC created stricter rules and helped shape MMA into a finer and more credible athletic activity.
During the latter part of the 1990s, the UFC struggled to gain critical mass. It was largely hampered by legal issues and a lackluster commercial success due to very little advertising. During this time, the company was purchased by new investors. These new owners capitalized on the recognition of the UFC brand name and turned the fate of the company around.
UFC is now very popular among fans of professional fighting sports. It has expanded both within the United States and in several countries outside it, due to a successful cable television deal and through DVD releases. The company’s programming broadcasts pay-per-view events in all these territories. The audience of these broadcasts started to consistently rise throughout the early 2000s and UFC’s events started to gain the attention of mainstream media outlets. Now, the company’s events are held in grand arenas and their broadcasts garner millions of views. And with the company’s recent deal with Fox network, UFC is set to be bigger than ever.
But these are just numbers. The real draw of the UFC is its brutal and exciting live events, because nothing beats the thrill of watching a MMA fight in person. Taking place between two opponents in an octagonal cage-like ring, the fights are a heavy-handed and adrenaline-fueled display of skill and physical prowess. MMA is much more challenging than traditional wrestling. So it offers a lot more excitement as well, as each match has several rounds and can have one of seven different potential outcomes. Needless to say, these events are a huge audience draw, with UFC tickets being a hot commodity among hardcore and casual fighting fans alike.
The UFC has cemented itself as the premier promoter of worldwide MMA events and has championed the sport as a cause. It has successfully created a brand name that is recognized globally and is practically synonymous with MMA itself. Its live events are a fast-paced, fierce and wildly entertaining. So for those who like action-packed live entertainment, UFC tickets are now available.

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Q:Can i win ufc 140 jon jones tickets for free?

A:No, as per the company policy, you cannot win Ufc Tickets for free but you can get them on comparatively cheap rates by availing special offer codes.