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A major international sporting event, Olympic Games is a timeless tradition that has integrated sports men from all over the world to not only compete in exhilarating matches but to share the wisdom of humankind and celebrate the spirit of sports. The Olympic Games features thousands of athletes from across the globe that represents their countries. Over two hundred nations participate in the Olympic Games that are held every two years. The Olympic Games is divided into seasonal categories, Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics. Each Seasonal Olympic Event occurs after four years. The Olympic Games date back to eighth century BC where the games were held in Olympia, Greece. In 1894, the International Olympic Committee was formed by “Baron Pierre de Coubertin” to govern the Olympic movement throughout the world. Since then the epic sports tradition continues to fascinate millions worldwide. United States has been a major participant in the Olympics and several of US athletes have won prestigious gold medals year after year for the country. The United States Gymnastics is one of the sporting teams that have won several honors for the country at every Olympic competition they have participated. The US Olympic Gymnastics Team trials tickets will offer the audience and supporters to indulge in fun filled recreational activities while watching talented contestants audition for the most celebrated sporting event in the world.

The United States Gymnastics team will compete in the three distinct disciplines at the Summer Olympics. The Gymnastic category includes trampolining, rhythmic gymnastics, and artistic gymnastics. Trampolining gymnastics involve a trampoline on which the gymnast bounces while performing acrobats, like backward or forward somersaults, to earn points allotted by the panel of judges. The artistic gymnastic discipline focuses on the gymnast’s ability and skill to perform a short routine on various apparatuses. The rhythmic gymnastics category involves individuals or a team of more than two gymnasts who perform a routine together with various apparatuses. The judges base their scores on numerous factors like the coherence of the team members while manipulating the apparatuses. The rhythmic gymnastics mixes elements of dance, gymnastics and ballets to offer a mesmerizing live act. The team trials of US Olympics for gymnastic category will feature participants auditioning for all three disciplines.
The US Olympic Gymnastics Team trials will take place in San Jose California this year. The whole city is highly excited to indulge in the festive of celebrating the ample talent present in the US. Over the course of trials, various events will take place that will uplift the moral of the contestants as well as allow the fans to support their countrymen. The event is expected to bring wide spread exposure in the city along with festivals and fanfares. The city will indulge in creative activities like Poster Contests, Pledge taking, and fan celebration to support the US Olympic Gymnastics team. By grabbing the US Olympic Gymnastics Team trials tickets, the audience and fans can make sure to hop on the exciting sports ride for a memorable experience. 

Gymnastic fans, head over to the HP Pavilion, San Jose to see the top gymnasts from around the country put through their routines at the US Olympics Gymnastics Team Trials, live. The road to the London Olympics 2012 for the gymnastic teams starts now because this is where they will find out if they have made the cut to get their passports stamped for London. The trials are expected to be the biggest ever in the nation’s history so buy your US Olympics Gymnastics Team Trials tickets and be a part of this historic event.
US Olympics Gymnastics Team Trials this year will be unique because for the first time in over a decade both Women and Men teams will be selected simultaneously. Organized by the US Gymnastics with help from the San Jose Sports Authority these trials will showcase the very best of what the sport has to offer. Another change incorporated has been the number of members for both teams that will be board the plan to London. Traditionally both teams had six participants each whereas that figure has been reduced by one to a total of five members each for this year. The trials will start on 28th June, 2012 and will run till 1st July, 2012. The US Olympics Gymnastics Team Trials are held so close to the Olympics that there isn’t a huge gap between the trials and the big event. This strategic change has been adopted to make sure the competitors who are the fittest and the best close to the Olympic Games are selected. It also reduces the risk of any unforeseen events and injuries to the athletes.
The fact that the number of members on each team for the US Olympics Gymnastics Team Trials has been reduced will add to the competition and make the selection process tougher than it normally is. The participating athletes have to be sixteen years old as of 31st December, 2012. The overall women champion at the trials will automatically make her way to London. The remaining four members and three reserves for the squad will be selected by selection committee as per their performances at the trials. The selection committee will comprise of big names like Steve Rybacki, Martha Karolyi and Nastia Liukin. If Nastia decides to compete in the trials herself then she will be replaced on the selection panel by former Olympian Terin Humphrey. The final line-up will be announced live on NBC on 1st July, 2012, the last day of the event.
As far as the men team selection at the US Olympics Gymnastics Team Trials goes they have their own criteria. The age limit is the same as those for the women team. The overall top two gymnasts in the 2012 US nationals and Olympic Trials will automatically be on their way to the Olympics provided they have one of the top three scores on three out of the total six individual events. The remaining members and the replacements will then be selected by the selection committee based on their judgment on how the athletes faired. The final line-up will be announced on the same day as the women’s on 1st July, 2012.  The selection process has been made as extensive as possible to make sure no stone is left unturned to take the best athletes to London. The US has always been one of the strongest Gymnastic teams in the world so it takes a lot of effort and dedication to keep that trend of excellence moving forward.
On top of the trials there are a lot of other fun activities arranged by the management for the fans who buy US Olympics Gymnastics Team Trials tickets to attend the event. There is a poster drawing contest for kids where they will translate their opinions about Olympic Games to the posters through their original drawings. An amazing Fan Fest will also be staged at the Arena Garden, adjacent to the HP Pavilion for fans to be a part of. Fans can also take part in Morning Fitness, an exercise program that will be conducted by an Olympian to kick start your day in the fittest way possible. With so much to experience for people of all ages at the US Olympics Gymnastics Team Trials, make sure you are there to play a part in making it a truly unforgettable experience, while witnessing the selection of your own Olympic teams.

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