Us Open Golf Tickets

One of the bigges golf tournament in the world, the US Open Golf is just around the corner. For well over a century this amazing golf competition has captivated millions around the world by showcasing the very best of what the sport has to offer. Just like previous years The US Open Golf tickets for this year’s event will sell-out quickly as fans from every part of the globe will make their way to the golf course to witness the latest doze of this historic occasion.

The US Open Golf is second on the list of four major gold competitions held every year. It is a permanent fixture of the European and the PGA tour. It is looked after by the United States Golf Association commonly known as the USGA. It all started way back on 4th October, 1895 at the Newport Country Club, Rhode Island on a nine-hole golf course. The inaugural edition of the US Open Golf was a thirty six-hole competition that was to start and finish on the same day. One amateur was accompanied by ten professional golfers as the first ever contestants. Horace Rawlins from England created history when he won that tournament to become the first ever golfer to get his hands on the coveted title. Howard got one hundred and fifty dollars in cash out of a total prize money of three hundred and thirty five dollars. He was also given a gold medal and the US Open Golf trophy that was handed over to him by the USGA.
The first decade and a half of the US Open Golf was dominated by golfers from England. That all came to an end in the year 1911 when John J.McDermott became the first American born player to lay his hands on the title. That triumph made it a much more level playing field for everyone as American golfers started to win the competition more frequently. As it became more competitive the US Open Golf tickets started to sell more easily which played a big part in it being officially turned into one of the four biggest golf tournaments in the world. Since that 1911 victory the event has more or less been dominated by American golfers but players from other countries have also played their part in some of the most legendary rounds of golf seen in history. As it has grown, the rules for qualification to take part in the tournament have evolved as well with professionals and amateur golfers from all around the world, selected as per the specified criteria, come together to compete.
The US Open Golf tournament is held in the middle of June every year so that weather problem can be avoided as much as possible. The prize money has gone up to 7.85 million dollars which is a far cry from the three hundred and thirty five dollars on offer to Horace Rawlins as the winner of the first ever tournament. The event is scheduled in such a way that the final round is staged on the third Sunday of June, which is Father’s Day. It is regarded by many as one of the most challenging golf competition in the world because it is held as different courses. The main purpose behind that is to make it tough to score thus challenging the mental and technical skills of every golfer taking part in it. The challenging format does not allow a golfer to run away with the title and most of the rounds are very closely fought games which add to the spectacle.
The US Open Golf is the only major golf tournament that does not use a playoff system to break a tie. If there is nothing to choose between golfers then another eighteen-hole round is played on Monday and if the tie still is not broken then a sudden death round is brought into play to determine the winner. Covered by the biggest sports broadcasters, the US Open Golf is now shown to millions around the world which has turned it into a global phenomenon. The competition is grueling and tough which makes it so much more intriguing for spectators. As the latest installment makes its way to the golf course, grab your US Open Golf tickets so that you are right there in the thick of the action.