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Currently representing Salt Lake City in the NBA is the Utah Jazz team. This professional basketball team resides in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference of the NBA. The Utah Jazz belongs to the Big Four sports leagues of the state of Utah. The official colors of the Utah Jazz are navy, gold, green, white. The team is owned by Gail Miller and Greg Miller and managed by Kevin O'Connor. The team has been coached previously by Jerry Solan, but currently shells under head coach Tyrone Corbin. The Utah Jazz D-League affiliate team is the Idaho Stampede.  In its four decades with the NBA, the team has won two Conference titles and eight Division titles.  Los Angeles Lakers, Hosuton and Portland are the team’s most competitive rivals. The team’s home ground is the Energy Solutions Arena, Salt Lake City. This multipurpose arena has a basketball facility with a seating capacity of twenty thousand.
Since its initiation in 1974 as the eighteenth member of the NBA as the New Orleans Jazz the team played five seasons. These seasons were loaded with mesmeric performances by Pete Maravich; tagged as one of the most entertaining and successful players in the league. The team made its move to Utah in the sixth season and has remained with Utah till today.  The move to Utah called for the strategic placement of arrival of coach Frank Layden. Numerous advances to strengthen the roster for each season brought slow yet gradual improvement for the Utah Jazz.
Until their first playoff 1984 the team struggled to be noticed. In the early and mid eighties the team remained intact with the powerful forward, manning and guarding of team members Adrian Dantley, Jeff Wilkins, Thurl Bailey, Mark Eaton, Rich Kelley, Rickey Green Darrell Griffith and John Drew. They collectively paved way for the teams first Midwest Division title ever along with progression to the NBA Playoffs and Conference title’s second round. With the initially confronted and infamous addition names like John Stockton and Karl Malone, the Utah Jazz were on the onset of experiencing greater depth and dimension in all regards. Both these names glorified the point guard and power forward positions of the roaster the team reached new heights of success. The eighties winded up with the fortunate replacement of Frank Layden by Jerry Sloan.  Sloan brought his hard work and helped converting the team play and game play into the most wondrous NBA showcases for the upcoming nineties. The tremendous peak in the winning graph was accredited to Malone, Stockton and Mark Eaton; becoming All-Stars for the Utah Jazz.  Consistent overhauling in the early nineties, the team envisioned their most successful season. The 1991–92 season gave the Utah Jazz its second divisional title and advancement to the postseason and a very close playoff final.
From 1996 to 1998 Utah Jazz maintained the best overall record in the Western Conference. The roster comprising of Stockton, Malone, Hornacek, Bryon Russell, Antoine Carr, Howard Eisley and Shandon Anderson took the team to the NBA Finals for the first time in 1997 and then in 1998. The memorable games against the Chicago Bulls remain one of the best counters of the team to date. The team entered the new millennium with a rebuilding motto.  A long list of players like Kirilenko, Greg Ostertag, Carlos Arroyo and Carlos Boozer came and shaped the team’s roaster. Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams became a part of the U.S Olympic team earning commendable point average and awards. The millennium play confined primarily to conference wins and winning playoffs. Utah Jazz remained steady, but showed a backseat in excelling beyond their previous credentials.
Utah Jazz in the 2010–11 season continued to struggle as it stood eleventh in the Western Conference. The strategic acquisitions of players to rectify center play, forward, defense and offense have bought Enes Kanter, Alec Burks, Andrei Kirilenko along with Josh Howard and Jamaal Tinsley to the Utah Jazz. Utah Jazz tickets offer an opportunity to watch the team in action delivering a competitive Jazz game play. Thoroughly enjoyed by sports, basketball and Utah Jazz fans, the team’s game play is speculated to be even better than before. With all the new names on the lineup, this season definitely have much more to offer. Utah Jazz tickets bring exciting seasonal games of the team in one its finest forms. Avail Utah Jazz tickets at the earliest and do not miss the chance to watch a wonderful game of basketball with friends and family.

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