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The Villanova Wildcats are the men’s basketball team from the Villanova University and have been playing varsity basketball since 1920. The Wildcats are a part of the Big East Conference and are also a member of Philadelphia Big Five.

The Villanova Wildcats are one of the most successful basketball teams in men’s college basketball. The team has made thirty appearances in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Basketball Championship which is the eighth highest total in the history of NCAA. They were in the Final Four for the first time in 1939, then in 1971, then again in 1985 when they won the championship and more recently in 2009. In addition to this they have made the NCAA Elite Eight twelve times and the NCAA Sweet Sixteen a total number of sixteen times. In 1994 the Villanova Wildcats won the NIT Championship, and have appeared in the NIT five times after their win, making their total appearances to be seventeen. In 1995 the Wildcats were the winners of the Big East Tournament. The Wildcats were the Conference Tournament Champions in 1978, then in 1980 and again in 1995 and Conference Regular Season Champions seven times.

The Villanova Wildcats use The Pavilion as their home ground which is a property of the Villanova University. The venue is just outside of Philadelphia and is only a short drive away by the car. The arena was built with help from a grant by John Eleuthère du Pont of du Pont family in 1985. The total construction cost of the project was roughly $25 million US Dollars. It has a capacity to seat more than 6500 people on game days. The basket ball court has a maple surface which is of high international standard. The arena is famous for its interesting architecture and has a hyperbolic parabolic roofline which is easily recognized from the outside and is a distinguishing feature of the building’s architecture. The Villanova Wildcats Men’s Basketball Team played their first game at the Pavilion against the University of Maryland on February 1, 1986. Though the venue is primarily used by the university’s basketball teams as their home field, it can also be used as a recreation center and can be expanded to feature an indoor track facility. In the past it has been used for graduation ceremonies, trade shows, to hold conventions and musical concerts. Whenever the team is scheduled to play the arena is filled with students from the university who come out in full support of their team.

The team colors for the Villanova Wildcats are white and blue and have remained the same throughout their entire history. The home uniform for the players is white shorts with white vests featuring a blue stripe on both sides. On other games the boys replace this uniform with blue shorts and blue vests featuring a white stripe on the sides.

The Villanova Wildcats have several traditions which have developed over the years. Until 1985 there was a tradition of throwing paper streamers in the school colors onto the field at home games and before every big game. But this practice was discontinued after the NCAA put a ban on it. The wildcats use V for Villanova as their fight song and on occasion have used March of the Wildcats as a replacement song. The team also has an annual tradition in the Hoops Mania to mark the start of Basketball season every year. This event often features celebrity guests who come to show their support of the team and to motivate the players as well as the fans. Drake was the celebrity guest last year and in the past members of 50 Cent and G-Unit have also made appearances.

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