Waste Management Phoenix Open Weekly Pass Tickets

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is an annual professional-level golf tournament that is part of the PGA Tour. The tournament takes place every year in February in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Having begun in the early 1930s, the tournament has a long and notable history. Initially called the Arizona Open, the tournament quickly became known as the Phoenix Open. The tournament ran for three years and was then shut down in 1935. Four years later, it was brought back as the Phoenix Open. This was made possible by the work of Bob Goldwater Sr., a member of the well-known civic group Thunderbirds.
Since its inception, the tournament has seen various changes, notably to its venue. The original venue, when the tournament was created, was the Phoenix Country Club. The latter continued its role as the primary venue until 1955, the Arizona Country Club became an alternative. Since then, both clubs alternated as the hosts of the event for twenty years. After that period, however, the Phoenix Country Club became the tournament’s long-term host. This changed yet again in the late 1980s, when the permanent venue of the Waste Management Phoenix Open was changed to the Stadium Course and the Tournament Players Club of Scottsdale in Arizona.
The name of the event has also seen changes. The tournament had initially known as the Phoenix Open. That was until 2003, when a change in sponsorship led to the event being renamed to FBR Open.  This name was changed - yet again because of a different title sponsor - in favor of the current Waste Management Phoenix Open.
Endearingly referred to as the “Greatest Show on Grass” by fans, the Waste Management Phoenix Open has established itself as a famous golf event. It is one of the biggest golf tournaments of the PGA Tour to be held at the beginning of each year. Having no shortage of memorable moments – like Tigers Woods’ “shot heard ‘round the world” in 1997 – the tournament is a huge audience draw. With almost 500,000 spectators every year, it is considered to be the most attended golf event in the world. Needless to say, Waste Management Phoenix Open tickets usually sell like hot cakes as golf enthusiasts clamber to get a chance to go see their favorite golf players in person.
It is little surprise that tickets for the event sell so well. Some of the biggest names in golf come to compete at the tournament, drawing hardcore golf fans. Casual golf fans also flock to the tournament, usually for the beautiful, sunny weather in the wonderful city of Scottsdale. Of course, it also helps that the tournament has a tendency to turn into a bit of a party by the 16th hole.
The stroke play layout of the tournament provides a worthy challenge to the players competing at the event, making it exciting and engaging for the spectators. Waste Management Phoenix Open tickets are now available for those who want to enjoy a thrilling golf experience.