Wing Bowl Tickets

A sporting event like no other in the world, the Wing Bowl is pure entertainment from start to finish. It is an event that has captured the hearts of fans everywhere with the unique extravaganza that it has to offer for fans. OK, some people might not call it a sporting contest but competitors taking part in the contest will surely beg to differ. Wing Bowl tickets are bought by fans at the first opportunity they get so that they don’t miss out on one fun-filled event.
Held in Philadelphia every year, the Wing Bowl is the brainchild of Al Morganti and Angelo Cataldi that they came up with as paying tribute to gluttony. Gluttony come from a Latin term Gluttire which means consumption of various items like food, money and drinks etc to the level of waste. So, when Morganti and Cataldi realized that the city’s team the Philadelphia Eagles will not be making the Super Bowl, they came up with their own contest the Wing Bowl.
The first event was held at the Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel, Philadelphia in 1993. Wing Bowl I was attended by only ten people and the first ever winner was Carmen Cordero who got a Hibachi for his title winning efforts. Over the years the event has gone on to become a major annual event that is covered by a lot of TV channels as well as being shown over the internet.
As the profile of the Wing Bowl started to grow so did the demands of staging the tournament. The venues to host the event have been changed to cater to the ever increasing Wing Bowl tickets demand in this unbelievable contest. From the Wyndham Franklin Plaza the Wing Bowl moved to various arenas and it is now currently being held at the Wells Fargo Center for the past two years.
The competitors have to go through one of the two stern tests to qualify for the final round of the Wing Bowl. In the first qualification contest the contestants have to go live on air at 610 WIP’s The Morning Show and eat like they have never eaten before. Morganti plays the judge at these rounds and the contestants have to eat something like five Big Macs, sixty ounces of fully creamed spinach etc and they have to do it within the specified time limit they agree with Morganti. The second way to qualify is called the Wingoff which is an eating competition with a ten minute time limit.
The Wing Bowl is held on the Friday of the Super Bowl weekend and is now attended by over twenty thousand people at the arena. It starts at between 6.15 and 6.30 am and wraps up around three hours later so that it can be covered during the morning shows on various channels who give live updates on it during their programming. It is not only about eating wings and going home, there are a lot of other things and activities to entertain fans at the stadium. Apart from the winner getting twenty thousand dollars, one of the biggest attractions of the event is the presence of scantly dressed Wingettes. These girls accompany the competitors to the competition floor and supply them with wings during the Wing Bowl.
As far as the competition itself goes, the bar has been raised almost every year for the number of wings required to eat in order to win the title. Wing Bowl’s twentieth event was won by a first time entrant from Japan by the name of Takeru Kobayashi. He downed an astonishing three hundred and thirty seven wings to win the Wing Bowl XX, beating the previous record of two hundred and fifty five set by the defending champion Jonathan "Super" Squibb.
The Wing Bowl has been so famous that it has now made its name as an annual ritual of sorts in Philadelphia. Fans queue up to buy the Wing Bowl tickets as soon as they are put on sale because they know the entertainment it has to offer. Even the early morning start does not put them off as they make their way to the arena to watch one of their favorite annual events and with everything that is on show at Wing Bowl who can blame them?

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