Winter Classic Detroit Red Wings Tickets

For all Ice Hockey aficionados a thrilling event is coming up that will feature two of the best teams around. 2013 Winter Classic will be staging an epic clash between the American team Detroit Red Wings and the Canadian squad, Toronto Maple Leafs. Excited yet? Another good news is that due to the popularity of the sport, Winter Classic Detroit Red Wings tickets have already been made available so that the fans can purchase them in advance. If you want to attend the live game then book your deals without any further ado.

Winter Classic has become a tradition of NHL and since 2008 it has been taking place annually as a regular season game. Its sixth annual game will be bringing for the fans Detroit Red Wings vs. Toronto Maple Leafs. This will also be the first time that a Canadian team will be participating in NFL Winter Classic as previously only American teams had been battling with each other. Another tradition of this game is that it takes place on New Year, and from there on gripping and super entertaining NFL season commences. Winter Classic Detroit Red Wings match will be hosted by Michigan Stadium and like prior games will be an outdoor event. This popular arena has come to be known as “The Big House” and is primarily a football stadium. It exceeded its capacity of over 109,000, when it observed a record attendance of almost 114,804 in 2011. This encounter between the Maple Leafs and Red Wings will also be marked as historic as not only ‘Original Six’ era rivalry will resurface but it will also be the first time that a Canadian team will be contending an American side in an outdoor game.
Fans of ice hockey are prepared for a nail-biting match as both the teams are equally talented and can play a tough game. The Red Wings list of achievements is highlighted by eleven Stanley Cups, nineteen division titles and six each of conference wins as well as Presidents’ Trophy. Toronto Maple Leafs began their journey in 1917 and today they are the proud and well deserved winners of thirteen Stanley Cups. They are also the five times champions of their Northeast division. The Leafs’ mascot is a polar bear named ‘Carlton’ who has been present at all their important games, so the fans can expect to see it at the NFL Winter Classic game as well. Since the game will be held on a neutral ground this time, an equal support can be expected for both the teams. So who are you rooting for? Well, whoever it is, it’s advised that you get your Winter Classic Detroit Red Wings tickets fast if you want to attend the game live. The two teams don’t play each other that often now since the Maple Leafs have shifted to Eastern Conference, so this is a rare opportunity. Don’t miss it and get your tickets fast!