Winter Classic New York Rangers Tickets

One of the most exciting events of the National Hockey League is back. This year yet again, some of the best NHL teams will appear in the rare outdoor game of the year. It is a convention for these games to be held around the New Year’s Day. The idea of the outdoor Winter Classic game was floated in 2004 but didn’t get approved till 2006. The first ever Winter Classic game was held in 2006 and since then it has been one of the most awaited events of the season.

The Winter Classic game is held every year at a different Ice Hockey rink and was started from the Ralph Wilson Stadium, Orchard Park, New York. The first event game was played between the home team Buffalo Sabres against the away team Pittsburgh Penguins. It was a very well attended game with over seventy thousand spectators, who came out to cheer their respective teams. The game was won by the home team Buffalo Sabers with a lead of two against their one. The positive response of the game encouraged the organizers to arrange such events on a regular basis.

This year again, it is going to be an action packed event with the veteran New York Rangers against the tough Philadelphia Flyers. The game will be held on the second of January, 2012. This will be the fifth outdoor game with two of strongest NHL teams coming down for a cutthroat event. The Winter Classic Rangers will be held at the Citizens Bank Park of Pasadena. The anticipation of the event is increasing with the each passing day. As this will be the first Winter Classic Rangers game played in Pasadena. Winter Classic Rangers game is expected to bring the best of these champions on the rink.

New York Rangers started playing in the twenties and since then have been deemed as one of the strongest teams of the National Hockey league. The team has an excellent record in the past with four Stanley Cups. Their above par performance in the Eastern conference and Atlantic Division has earned them several accolades including one league trophy and five division titles. The Rangers usually play their home games at the Madison Square Garden. However, for Winter Classic Rangers game they will be the guest team. As Citizens Bank Park is home for Philadelphia Phillies, but for this game the flyers will be acting as the host.

This will be one of the most interesting division level competitions of the season. It will be bringing forth the best of this division rivalry. Both of the teams will be putting forward their best foot trying to make NHL Winters Classic Rangers game more memorable for its fans. The Winter Classic Rangers tickets are already selling out like hot cakes. If you are interested in enjoying the beginning of your year with a kicking ice hockey game, here is your chance to do so. Order your Winter Classic Rangers tickets nowand enjoy ice hockey in the outdoors.