Wrestlemania Xxviii Tickets

Given the name just perfectly, WrestleMania is truly an event which sends frenzy among the wrestling fans. It is the eighteenth event in the WrestleMania franchise and no less amazing than the rest of its presentations. It is not just another production of the World Wrestling Federation, because it is more exciting than its predecessor events. WWF has always produced events which blew the minds of the wrestling events and presented this genre of entertainment like never before. WrestleMania brings all the wrestling champions on this one big platform and the matches between them decide who deserves to be called the next big winner. WrestleMania XVIII tickets are the number one choice of anyone who wants to enjoy quality entertainment which is thrilling and fun at the same time.

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Whole tracing the history WrestleMania, we find out that this is perhaps among the most star-studded wrestling events of the year. The event began with match between two teams consisting of three contestants each. One team had Test, Lance Storm and Mr. Perfect while the second team included Albert, Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi. The match ended with Rikishi winning the match, beating Mr. Perfect. After being aired on television, a match was held between Rob Van Dam and William Champion, who was the one to defend his title of Intercontinental Champion who was taken away by Rob Van Dam as he won the match. Another match was held between Christian and Diamond Dallas as the European Championship. Another match with the name of Hardcore Match was arranged in which the defender of the title was Maven, fighting against Goldust. Another exciting match was held between Kane and Kurt Angle in which both the contestants used some good skilla dn Kurt Angle won at the end.

A No Disqualification match was held in which The Undertaker and Ric Flair came face to face. Ric Flair tried to beat the old school moves of The Undertaker but it were the old school moves which won The Undertaker the match. The sixth match came with Booker T and Edge face to face. By this time the heat of the things had gone even more up. This match was won by Edge with the use of his trademark moves which had won him so many titles before. The thrill didn’t stop here as the next match was between Scott Hall and Steve Austin. The night cheered for the Stone Cold Steve Austin as he used his famous moves on his opponent. The next event had its own charm as the contestants were Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz and APA against Billy and Chuck. The most anticipated match came afterwards as was between the two wrestling icons, Hollywood Hulk Hogan and The Rock.

The best part of WrestleMania is that it is not only a fun idea of entertainment for adults but also for young people who enjoys this action packed event as much. WrestleMania XVIII tickets have been popular since the event started in 2002. The heat of the event can be felt by the audience when the mighty champions come out on the rink to show who is the best. After the success of the television program, it was turned into a live show where the wrestling fans can enjoy the event without the obstacle of a TV screen between them. Any event becomes irresistible when it features the best talent found all over and that is exactly what WrestleMania has done. It has brought the world famous wrestling champions in one competition to decide who is the super best and all this has made this one of the most sought after wrestling events. This year’s WrestleMania XVIII will be as much fun and even more and fan can have a go at it by booking just a couple of WrestleMania XVIII tickets but that too, well in advance so that the hundreds of other fans don’t drain the inventories of the tickets. Attend the event and you will be thanking your good fortune afterwards!

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