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WWE No Way Out is one of the three In Your House events; Blacklash and Judgment Day being the two former ones. The event was created in 1998 by the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), which is solely dedicated to the promotion of professional wrestling. In Your House is basically an outcome of the cut-throat competition between WWE and WCW (World Championship Wrestling). It was a pay-per-view series produced by WWE to outsmart its nemesis. Since WCW was ahead in the race WWE came up with an ingenious move of offering In Your House events so that it would not lose its ratings and viewership. Thus, in the absence of WWE’s major events like WrestleMania, Summer Slam, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and King of the Ring, they decided to air In Your House events on monthly basis, with increased prices and extended time duration compared to the shows offered by WCW.

WWE No Way Out comprises of main event and under card. Under cards are the introductory matches that take place before the main event which is considered as the most prestigious one. The first WWE No Way Out event took place on February 15, 1998 and was called No Way Out of Texas: In Your House. This event was exclusively produced for WWF (Worldwide Wrestling Federation) which is now referred to as WWE. The history goes way back to the year 2002 when the company was sued by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) over name dispute. In the same year WWE came up with two brands named Raw and SmackDown to promote professional wrestling and are currently associated with In Your House events.
Therefore, the first show produced under the WWE banner was “No Way Out” in the year 2003, which catered only to the brand SmackDown. Later, WWE decided that all the three brands i.e. WWE No Way Out, Raw and SmackDown will be a part of the final PPV (Paper-per-view) events. Later, WWE No Way Out event incorporated a cutting-edge idea of introducing Elimination Chamber matches which even overpowered WWE No Way Out’s existence and replaced it in 2010. However, the name No Way Out could not be changed as the Elimination Chamber was a grim reminder of the Gas Chambers used in WWII. But nonetheless, WWE is known for its epic events and has always left its fans wanting for more. Before the introduction of Elimination Chamber WWE had also introduced Steel Cage Match and Hell in a Cell match which were also widely appreciated by the fans worldwide, but when it comes to creating an impact, Elimination Chamber takes the lead.
Speaking of Elimination Chamber, Some of the wrestlers who conquered these matches are Kane, Edge, John Cena, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Under Taker, Chris Jericho who beat the odds to walk out victorious. Furthermore, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Drew Mcintyre, Yushi Tatsu, Chris Maters, Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, R-Truth, Zack Ryder, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar Triple H and John Cena are considered among the “WWE No Way Out Superstars”. WWE No Way Out events have taken place in countless cities since its initiation; Houston, Las Vegas, Hartford, Montreal, Daly City, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Seattle, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and is all set to hit the United States for a comeback in 2012, after a long span of three years.
Some of the reigning champions of WWE are: CM Punk and Santino Marella from the WWE Championship and United States Championship respectively; Sheamus and Cody Rhodes from World Heavyweight Championship and Intercontinental Championship; R-Truth and Kofi Kingston from the Tag Team Championship; Layla from Divas Championship. Moreover, other winners from the major events are:  Sheamus from Royal Rumble; Johnny Curtis from WWE NXT; Andy Leavine from WWE Tough Enough; Daniel Bryan from SmackDown and Alberto Del Rio emerged victorious at the event Raw respectively.
WWE No Way Out tickets can give you a chance to quench your insatiable desire to witness yet another one-of-a-kind match. This time around WWE is surely going to take it a notch up with the inclusion of Lumberjack, Strap, Chain, Barb wired Steel Cage matches and Handcuffed matches. Hell is bound to break loose in the ring! Experience the hysteria before the time runs out.

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