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‘Over the Limit’ is a professional pay per view event hosted annually by WWE. It was inaugurated a couple of years ago as a replacement of the first program of its sort Judgment Day. Since the start, pay per view events of WWE went through a series of changes. It began with Judgment Day and then was replaced by Over the Edge which witnessed the death of a famous wrestler Owen hart. The following year, Judgment Day was restored but could not continue for long and was taken over by WWE Over the Limit. This event is successfully being conducted for two years now. The outstanding fame of the last match has made the demand of WWE Over the Limit tickets increase for the upcoming tournament.

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WWE Over the Limit is one of the most popular shows of WWE. Last year it received 140,000 buys around the globe and is expecting a great turn up this time as well. This is one tournament that features feuds from the earlier matches. Multiple wrestlers with a credible fighting record show up to contend the match and it is their identical energy levels that makes the game more interesting. The participating wrestlers have appeared in primary television programs before and their huge number of fans follows them in every match, making the event successful.
Last year WWE Over the Limit conducted eight matches in all. The tournament included wrestlers such as John Cena, The Miz, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and others. Being fighters they knew what excites the audiences the most, so they adapted to their roles of commentators quite well and added life to the tournament by making the right high spirited comments at the right time. Jim Ross, Booker T and Marcelo Rodriquez acted as commentators for the match featuring John Cena and Miz. Other than them, Justin Roberts, Mike Chioda, and John Cone to name a few acted as ring announcers and on the basis of experience Justin King and Chad Patton among others were the referees. This event became instantly popular as soon as the schedule was released and enjoyed the attendance of more than 6500 people.
This year the lineup of commentators, ring announcers and referees for WWE Over the Limit are yet to be finalized. The success of the last event has carried forward the excitement for this one as well and has increased the demand for WWE Over Limit tickets already.
The thrill will be doubled for all the WWE fans this year as they will get a chance to see their favorite wrestlers taking up different roles. The ring will be super hot with all the talented fighters in one place. So watch out for the game schedule and buy WWE Over the Limit tickets right away! We also have a special treat for all WWE fans! The discount offer has been activated! What else could you wish for! So rush off and avail the offer before it is too late!

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WWE Over The Limit is a pay-per-view event that is promoted and produced by WWE. WWE as you all know stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. Its primary concern is professional wrestling. It emerged in 1952 under the name of World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF). It acquired its current name in 2002. Its chief owners are Vince McMohan, his wife Linda McMohan, their son Shane McMohan and their daughter Stephanie McMohan-Levesque. The family owns 70% of the shares and 96% of the company’s voting powers. The headquarters of the company are based in Stamford, Connecticut. It has branching offices in Los Angeles, New York City, Shanghai, London, Tokyo, Mumbai and Singapore. It is viewed by nearly thirteen million people in the US. It is also broadcasted in more than one hundred and forty-five countries in thirty languages. This makes it the largest professional wrestling company in today’s world.
As part of Brand Extension, WWE arranged pay-per-view events which are held once every month and generate a significant portion of the WWE revenue. Each event is usually scheduled for a period of three hours but it can end before the stipulated time period. Such events first became part of the WWE in 1985. The first pay-per-view program was The Wrestling Classic. However, the most famous pay-per-view event has been the Wrestlemania. WWE keeps adding more events to the category due to their immense popularity. Among the more recent programs is WWE Over The Limit. It was added to the list in 2010. In fact it replaced another event called Judgment Day. It takes places only in indoor arenas of the United States. It is scheduled every year in May.

The first match of WWE Over The Limit was held in the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. It contained nine matches. Its main event was an “I Quit” Match between Batista and John Cena. They competed for the WWE Championship. Cena defeated Batista. It was a huge success with 11,000 tickets sold and 197,000 buys.

The second WWE Over The Limit was held in Key Arena, Seattle, Washington. Its main event was the “I Quit” match between The Miz and John Cena. They were also competing for the WWE Championship. It was won by Cena once again. It registered a lower attendance level (6500) and lower buys (140,000).

However, with the growing reputation of WWE things are bound to improve with this year’s WWE Over The Limit. It is going to be held at the RBC Center located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The main event is a surprise. Want to find out who will fight in the main event? Then get your WWE Over The Limit tickets now!

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