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According to modern evolutionary theory, humans have evolved over the millennia from hunting and devouring animals raw to domesticating and slaughtering them, consequently tenderizing and cooking their meat to consume it. However, this antediluvian bestiality still rears its formidable head to dominate the instincts of some members of the human society, such as the descendents of the ancient Babylonian bloodlines that manifest themselves in the various royal and illuminated elites. Where the average citizen is not able to witness their macabre occult rituals that happen behind the closed doors of their Masonic temples, they have been able to witness another "raw" spectacle unfold in front of them in the past two decades. Seize hold of some WWE Raw SuperShow tickets now to behold this bizarre form of uncut staged combat.
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The WWE Raw SuperShow was spawned in 1993 within the womb of the monster of the World Wrestling Federation that had emerged at the onset of the eighties. Conceived by the WWE main man Vince McMahon, WWE Raw SuperShow was engineered right from the onset to showcase the best of the best that the wrestling entity had to offer and soon became the organization's flagship televised production. Charged by the pay-per-view hours purchased by its burgeoning fan community, the WWE Raw SuperShow has huffed and puffed over the years to acquire a life of its own a la Mary Shelley's Frankenstein creation.

From the very first episode that was telecast on the USA Network, featuring the likes of wrestling icons Yokuzuna, Shawn Michaels and the indefatigable The Undertaker, the WWE Raw SuperShow has been setting the standard for what premium wrestling bouts should attempt to emulate. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of its predecessor shows and going the heavily edited and studio-recorded chat way, the WWE Raw SuperShow ingrained within itself the "raw and uncut" feel that is characteristic of each weekly episode to this day. This is achieved by taping the uber showdowns before a live crowd and catching all the muscular mayhem on the spot instead of slicing it in back in the engineering room.

The weekly staple of wrestling buffs everywhere, the WWE Raw SuperShow has captured all the legendary encounters between the likes of Hulk Hogan, Triple H, The Ultimate Warrior, The Rock, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho and Bret "Hitman" Hart, with each behemoth trying to knock the other's lights out. The WWE Raw SuperShow itself has gone head to head with its competitor on the airwaves, namely WCW Monday Nitro, a battle of ratings that has entailed each side trying to "wrestle" the other's television audience in what has been termed as the Monday Night Wars.

The ferocity of the WWE Raw SuperShow is boosted by the accompanying symphonic vibes that have reverberated in the form of "Thorn In Your Eye" and "Across The Nation" in the 1990s and 2000s and off late have exploded in an auditory inferno of "Burn It to the Ground". So book your WWE Raw SuperShow tickets now to witness some bionic bamboozled barbarism.

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