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WWE SmackDown is coming to your town soon so make sure you don’t miss the WWE SmackDown tickets for this season. All the super stars of the wrestling world will be there to be a part of the action once again and to entertain their millions of fans.

UPN Network was desperate to make a difference in the world of wrestling viewership. The only flagship statement in the world of WWE was Raw. However, when WWE SmackDown hit the screens, it was a presented as a onetime special program. Soon, it turned into a weekly show being aired on Thursdays. The main difference between the two, Raw and SmackDown is that the former is a live show while the latter is a pre-recorded program. When Thunder ended in 2000, Raw and SmackDown divided the wrestlers among themselves thus making them their exclusive property.

Due to financial constraints UPN had to wind up their business and was taken over by CW in 2006. WWE Inc. is an American based private entertainment entity which primarily deals with professional wrestling as a major source of revenue. Other businesses also involve movies and music making, marketing, licensing and sales. Now it poses to be well-known, it reaches thirteen million viewers all over America and is turning out to be the largest federation in the world of wrestling. The most famous brands it markets WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown.

WWE has to its credit many videos which in short represents a historical significance of wrestling. WWE SmackDown which is also called the Friday Night Smackdown is the television program for WWE.

Most important to fans everywhere is the story mode, which has undergone several changes. WWE SmackDown season mode is an area that is heavily criticized. This year, WWE SmackDown begins with the draft between Raw and SmackDown from last spring, and includes the reemergence of the two. As one might expect, the goal is to become WWE Heavyweight Champion, but the path won't be the same for every wrestler. You select the Superstar you want to take through a season, and it will be up to you to play out your own story, as you are faced with many choices. Depending on who you select, you may start right at the bottom having to fight your way through all the wrestlers and belts in order to reach the Holy Grail. This depth provides a lot of replay value as the storylines always change based on your selected wrestler and the choices you make.

The WWE SmackDown has been refined and re-worked to make the system endure that there are counters for grapples and strikes and have added a selection of cool counters so that the moves don't get repetitive. It is important that the player gets the timing right or leave oneself exposed even more. One wrong move and next thing you'll see are the lights of the arena as one of your favorite player smacks his opponent.

As the wrestler hits the mat with a resounding thud, the voices of WWE sideline commentators, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, Tazz and Michael Cole start getting louder. WWE has completely changed the way the play-by-play system works to remove the flow problems and at times odd commentary. The comments hit at all the right points in a match to ensure it supports all the action going on. All the action won't only be in the ring either. The environment of WWE SmackDown provides you with the opportunity to take the action out of the ring where everything you see and touch results in a corresponding effect.

WWE SmackDown tickets sell out for every show being recorded to be shown on television later. Though the game is scripted and it is like watching a Hollywood action packed flick, the thrill and excitement still never ends.

WWE SmackDown Tickets are available for all the fans of wrestling. If you want to see the action live and real, then this ticket will prove to be worth the money spent. Don’t waste time and get your tickets now!.

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