Wwe Supershow Tickets

The WWE SuperShow is a live production of the famous World Wrestling Entertainment Raw Series. The live show is also popularly known as the Monday Night Raw. This live production of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is a sports televised program which is aired at the moment only in the United States of America on the acclaimed USA Network. The name of this spectacular sporting show is also used in reference to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) brand name of Raw. On the brand program of SmackDown, the employees of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) are engaged into working as well as performing on the show. The SuperShow program is currently the only so far the only live televised broadcast for the Raw series which represent the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). It was on the 11th of January in the year of 1993, that the first show of this program was aired live in the United States of America. The show came out on the USA Network and was televised live on the network for nearly nine year. Then in the year of 2000, Raw was shifted to the TNN channel which was later renamed as the Spike TV.
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In the year of 2005, the WWE SuperShow’s rights were purchased once again by the USA Network and were from thereon broadcasted live on that network in the United States of America. Ever since Raw was introduced to the live televised production of the United States of America, it has received immense amount of fan following and a lot of praises. The production continues to be aired live usually on Monday nights. The Raw brand of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), is commonly noted as being one of the flagship shows in the history of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). The show has ad continues to get some immensely great ratings, enjoys a very large viewership and has its prominence laid upon the pay-per-views format. In the history of the American television, this show is one of the longest running shows on television.
Ever since the premier of the first episode of the WWE ShowDown, this remarkable live program has been successfully broadcasted on a live platform, from more than 197 various sporting venues in over 165 cities in nine various countries. Some of countries that the show was broadcasted live from in the year of 2005 were Afghanistan, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. In 2006 the show was broadcasted live from Iraq. A very out of the ordinary and truly exceptional tribute was given to the troops of Germany via the show in 1995. In 2005 it was seen live from Japan and in 2007 it was broadcasted live from Italy. For the first time ever in the history of the American television, in October 2011, a show of the program was aired live from Mexico as well.
The format of the WWE ShowDown is primarily sports entertainment as well as professional wrestling. This fantastic live sporting show has been created by Vince McMahon. It basically displays the Raw brand as well as the SmackDown brand of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). The opening theme of this amazing live show is “Burn in to the Ground” sung by the famous music band by the name of Nickleback. The show originates from the Unites States of America. So far the total number of seasons of this show has been eighteen. As of 20th of February 2012, the number of live episodes of this amazing live show has been 979. The executive producer of the show is by the name of Kevin Dunn. The producers of the show are Gerald Brisco and Arn Anderson.
The marvelous WWE ShowDown live televised production is one of the most thrilling and action packed events of professional wrestling. If you are a fan of the WWE ShowDown, or a fan of watching some really exciting and captivating live wrestling, then this is the ideal opportunity for you to be part for the live audience that is present at the live televised show by getting those WWE ShowDown tickets. There is no doubt in the fact that the WWE ShowDown tickets are in an immense demand. So grab those WWE ShowDown tickets and avail the chance to experience a truly awesome live and completely action packed wrestling game which will be truly memorable.