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The Declaration of Independence is the reason why the US is now an independent sovereign state. Signed in 1776, the document had to go through a lot of steps to be finalized. All this has been fictionalized in 1776 the musical, to give fans a glimpse of what was happening back then. It is a sensational theatrical experience that captivates its audience with a stunning effect. Now that it has graced the stage once again, don’t forget to grab your 1776 tickets because it will take you back in time for an unbelievable ride.

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1776 is one magnificent musical that has its entire plot revolving around the Declaration of Independence and the confrontations that came about because of the proposal. It is the year 1776 and representatives from the thirteen states, which was the total number of states back then, are gathered in Philadelphia to weigh the pros and cons of independence. Not everyone is in favor of independence and a lot of them don’t like the man, John Adams, the person who has put the motion forward. Benjamin Franklin, however is on his side but he knows that Adam’s brash attitude doesn’t sit well with a lot of people which in turn is harming the cause in favor of independence. Franklin talks to him and makes him agree that they would be better off with someone else putting their point across and they choose Richard Henry Lee from Virginia to do the honors.
Richard makes his way to Philadelphia and puts the proposal to the congress which triggers a very heated debate. John Dickinson from Pennsylvania is one of the fiercest advocates against independence and he gets in a severe argument with Adams. Eventually it is decided that the motion will be decided by a vote but not before Dickinson persuades everyone that the vote has to be unanimous in favor of independence for it to go through. Franklin and Adams decide to document the proposal incorporating the reasons for independence and their aims to ask for it. The decision is taken to add weight to their argument. Now they needed someone to write everything down and after much deliberation Thomas Jefferson is selected as the lucky man. When Franklin and Adams see the final draft they are immensely happy with how Jefferson has compiled the entire document. As the Declaration of Independence is put forward it triggers a series of events within that Congress that must be seen to be believed. We all know that the document was accepted but what happened before that is captured in this play quite effectively.
1776 made its debut at Broadway on 16th march, 1969 at the famous 46th Street Theatre to huge acclaim. Fans bought 1776 tickets in droves and turned it into a run that went for a staggering one thousand two hundred and seventeen performances. Lyrics and music composed by Sherman Edwards turned it into one of the most magnificent musicals in history. The Broadway run received five Tony nominations out of which it won three. 1776 then moved to London on 16th June, 1970 . What makes this musical different from the rest is the fact it is based on a historical event and captures everything associated with it so brilliantly. It is not easy to turn history into a musical but 1776 is a perfect  example of how it should be done.
It is a remarkable attempt at showcasing all the efforts that were put in to form the basis of the United States that we see today. 1776  has been revived multiple times over the years and every time it has got the response it truly deserves. It is history and theater rolled into one package which makes the entire experience an extraordinary viewing spectacle. So fans, get going and grab your 1776 tickets now because that is the only way you can watch it live while it makes its way to theaters around you.

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