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 Those of you who think that silver screen wonders have wiped out the old school and classic musical plays, think again. Musical classics like 42nd Street are still standing strong, with a unique, sophisticated and niche following. Where movie lovers line up to get tickets to their favorite Hollywood flicks; 42nd Street tickets are also in high demand among people who have a love for classical Broadway musicals. 

42nd Street is a musical based on a book by Michael Stewart and Mark Bramble. In 1993, it was made into a musical film by Warner Brothers. The film was directed and choreographed by Lloyd Bacon and Busby Berkeley respectively. The Broadway production of this musical came in 1980, directed by Gower Champion, with lyrics and music by Al Dubin and Harry Warren respectively. It won the Tony Award for "Best Musical" and became a long running hit. Moreover, the show was produced in London in 1984, earning an "Olivier Award for Best Musical", while its 2001 revival in Broadway won it a "Tony Award for Best Revival."
42nd Street is a timeless musical, with its story happening during the great depression. With its perfect blend of songs and dialogues, this musical is sure to take your breath away. It all starts when Peggy Sawyer tries to audition for a show "Pretty Lady." Just after getting off a bus from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Peggy is disappointed at missing the audition. However, Billy Lawlor, one of the cast members who is attracted to her, tells her that he could help her in getting a part. The show’s choreographer Andy Lee dismisses her, and as she tries to rush out in embarrassment, she runs into the show’s director Julian Marsh. What starts next is Peggy’s journey from one of the chorus girls to the lead, replacing Dorothy Brock after accidentally breaking her ankle.
42nd Street is garlanded with beautiful songs, including "Young and Healthy", "Shadow Waltz" and "Get into your [Dance]". Thanks to stage lovers, this remarkable play has been revived and is en-route a great tour. It is highly recommended that you attend this musical classic and get swept away by it.
42nd Street is one of the most successful Broadway musicals ever. The way the acts are presented is a testament to the director’s genius. Every actor in the musical must not be good at just acting. Singing and dancing are of absolute importance for becoming a part of a musical. There are no retakes and no edits. The performances must be powerful enough to keep the audience glued to their seats. Choreography of the songs is much harder than what we see in movies based on such plays. Every element has to be up to the mark for a memorable performance. There is absolutely no room for error. This means numerous rehearsals and immaculate timing and chemistry between the characters on stage. 
42nd Street is a story of dreams, desires, love and the games fate plays. The powerful plot of this play has made it withstand decades. Even in the modern era of 3d movies with state of the art special effects, 42nd Street keeps musical plays alive. This musical has a rich legacy and tells us that no matter who you are, you can achieve your dreams by believing in yourself and never giving up. So get your 42nd Street tickets today and witness one of the classics in theater.

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