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A T-Rex is Loose is a thrilling stage performance for children between the ages of seven to eleven, focusing on exciting tales imagined by children themselves, about dinosaurs and the prehistoric world. The show has been creatively arranged by Geffen Playhouse Story Pirates in collaboration with the Natural History Museum with the aim of passing on to children some general information about the earliest ever life on this planet in an intriguing way that will encourage them to learn. The show will essentially focus on how these gigantic dinosaurs lived, what they ate, where they went and the more intriguing aspects of their life on earth. The presenters of the show have dropped hints of another surprising feature of the show by suggesting the possibility of figuring out how to carry on the performance in case of a ‘T-Rex interruption’. A T-Rex is Loose tickets promise a show that is bound to grab your child’s attention and keep them entertained while they gain some reasonably important general information.

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The A T-Rex is Loose show is the kind of production that the Geffen Playhouse Story Pirates is known for. Story Pirates is a US renowned literacy and arts organization that was initially created in New York in 2003, and focuses on engaging children students from resource-lacking public schools, to allow those students realize their creative potential by encouraging and showing them that their stories, words and ideas are significantly important. Story Pirates became partners with the Geffen Playhouse in 2009, as a means to spread and to increase the limited resources of the theatre initiatives in school. The Story Pirates, as the partner of Geffen playhouse, has made it a point to visit twenty Title I Los Angeles school every year while they alongside perform at the Geffen Playhouse’s Saturday Scene feature, which is essentially planned for the general public.

A T-Rex is Loose is a production of the Saturday Scene workshop through which the Story Pirates are playing a big part in widening theatre experiences of the Geffen Playhouse’s programs designed for children’s Saturday mornings, which is an altogether exciting, learning, and thoroughly entertaining alternative to watching cartoons instead. The workshop allows the children to be acquainted with the concept of theatre while at the same time be involved in it. Since 2010, the program has already successfully shared much insight to the dramatic, creative and imaginative aspects of theatre with these children. Before the beginning of each show, including A T-Rex is Loose, workshops are held with the aim of improving writing skills and to encourage the growth of creativity. The stories written and submitted by the children during this workshop are used as material in later Story Pirates shows planned for the rest of the season.

A T-Rex is Loose interactive show is your chance to hear some cute loud growls and roars that will be a sweet, much less scary, and a lot less alarming reminiscence of perhaps what Jurassic Park was about. The best part of the show is that the stories befit the anticipation of what a child expects to see, hear and happen since quite strategically the Geffen Playhouse has chosen to stage the tales written by the children. Moreover the Geffen has kept an exciting treat for the children attending the show by allowing them to enter a Child Reporter contest through which they will select one child over the age of six who will submit a write up about the show attended which will be published in the Geffen Playhouse Saturday Scene . The winner will also have access to four free seats, an opportunity to meet up with the cast, a ‘Press-pass’ and a Saturday Scene T-shirt. The presenters have kept a little session for everyone after the show where the audience can meet up with the cast for a fun small chat and some snacks. So hurry on, get those A T-Rex is Loose tickets and take your pre-teen kiddies to this one of a kind exciting show with more learning opportunities.

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