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From the house of Spiegelworld comes yet another fan-favorite and critically acclaimed production called Absinthe. The company has also given quite a few other shows as well, but Absinthe remains to be its one of the earliest and most successful productions in the company’s history. All of the shows of the Spiegelworld are performed in a traditional Spiegel tent, and following the immense amount of success that the show has enjoys, Absinthe has now been moved to a custom built Spiegel tent to cater its audience members in Las Vegas. The show provides with a 360 Degrees of excitement to all the viewers, and show cases some of the most death defying feats portraying the performers’ strength, balance and flexibility. The round stage of the show brings the audience even closer to the action and immerses them in it. Over the existence of the show, it has received positive and favorable reviews from most of the critics including the New York Times. As the show runs supreme in its Spiegel tent at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, make sure you catch it live while it lasts with Absinthe tickets.

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Spiegelworld is known for staging acts which includes the elements of cabaret, and burlesque altogether with the feats and elements of traditional circus. Spiegelworld kicked off its inaugural season back in 2006 as it was produced by Ross Mollison. Absinthe was the very first production that the company staged under the Brooklyn Bridge on South Street Seaport in the New York City. After enjoying considerable amount of success in 2006, the company returned with yet another season in 2007 with Absinthe and the premiere of a new show called La Vie.
In 2008, Spiegelworld grew significantly and this time the company set up two Spiegel tents which showcased three shows. That year, Spiegelworld also went on its very first national tour in which it performed in Los Angeles and Miami. The following year, the company went international as it set up its tent in Australia at the Melbourne Park at the Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis Tournament. Absinthe attracted a large number of audience members there in Australia as well and it turned out to be a huge success there too.
After years of its premiere, Absinthe still runs successfully in Sin City as we speak. The show made it to Las Vegas’ very own Caesars Palace, in its revamped form, on April 1, 2011. Since then the show is being constantly staged at a Spiegel tent called Salon Marlene, which has the capacity of seating 650 audience members at one time. The show is co-produced with another company called BASE Entertainment that has previously worked on the Broadway hits like Phantom of the Opera, Peepshow and Jersey Boys. The show was initially intended to run for its six month long season, but following the popularity of the show, its performance run has been extended for some time, so while the show lasts witness it with cheap Absinthe tickets.
The Caesars Palace run of the show is hosted by Gazillionaire who is accompanied by his lovely assistant Penny Pibbetts. Together they help introducing the acts that are featured in the show like, Atlantis, Oxana Solamachuk, Ede Atlas Muz, Melody Sweets, Duo Ssens, Maxim Popazov, the Esteemed Gentlemen of the High Wire and Duo Vector. The show also features Angel Porrino in the lineup of acts. The Las Vegas production of the show is directed by Wayne Harrison while Lucas Newland choreographed the entire act. Absinthe’s Las Vegas production has also been receiving positive reviews from most of the critics, including Vegas Seven Magazine that called it the Best New Show. Absinthe has been running successful ever since its premiere in 2006, and even today, it continues to attract a large number of audience members with each of its performance. 

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