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The rhythmic body movement commonly known as Dance is one term that has been defined in many different ways by the people worldwide. Generally it is perceived as a way to express your emotions and relax your mind. The famous American choreographer Alvin Ailey believes that dance came from people and it should be delivered back to them. This artist actually gave his words a practical shape by laying the foundation of a proper platform for dance in the form of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. His glorious company of dancers are chosen from around the world on the basis of their talent and to date have spent more than 50 years of making memorable performances. Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre tickets will not only give you a visual experience of classy dance moves but also entertain you with the incredible music.

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Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre grew from a fabled performance by a group of African American performers at 92nd Street Y in New York City. Following this performance, the company travelled across the country in different cities to prove their talent and received a great response from people. Fame knocked at the company’s door when in the early sixties, it became the resident company of Clark Center for the Performing Arts. This was the tenure in which Ailey got maximum recognition for his choreography, Revelations. Later, it was also chosen to be a part of ‘President's Special International Program for Cultural Presentations’One after the other as the performances gained fame through positive word of mouth; the company got many major projects and started getting known internationally.

Dancing was not the only aim of the company. In the late sixties Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre established a dancing school to groom individuals with talent and gave them a formal platform to practice their passion. Today it is known to be the one of the best places with talented choreographers and passionate professionals.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre has performed in 48 states, 6 continents and 71 countries to date. The count of people it has entertained so far reaches to 21 million approximately. With a strong international standing of the company, it enjoys the status of being the cultural ambassador of United States as well. Since the time of its formation, Ailey has put in sincere efforts to make it move up the ladder of success. He created more than 70 dances during his tenure that received outstanding recognition. A couple of them that are still being performed include Cry and Nigh Creature. The story of success didn’t end with the tenure of Ailey. The company continued to employ the best available choreographers in the entertainment industry and till now is well known for it. The list includes Kantherine Dunham, Elissa Monte, Twyla Tharp and Karole Armitage among many others.

The fame for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre is not just limited to American dancing but the performers take inspiration from African dance traditions as well. Choreographers are chosen for the company just on the basis of their talent without paying heed to their origin. The young artists are then trained by conducting formal sessions until they reach to the point of perfection.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre amuses its audiences with different kinds of dances. It is not limited to any one genre and its performances are known to be well coordinated with music.

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