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For those who love to tie a bond with history and world class theater must not feel depressed any longer, as their wish has been granted in the form of Anna Bolena Opera. If you are avid performing arts lover then Anna Bolena tickets are must haves for you. The opera is a heartwarming story of the ill-fated queen, driven to insanity by her unfaithful king. This star studded event has the Russian Superstar soprano, Anna Netrebko dazzling as Anna Bolena. Will she receive another twenty minute standing ovation or not? To quench your desire for world class theatre just make sure to be there at the event.

This Opera consists of two acts by the very artistic, Gaetano Donizetti. It first premiered in theatre in 1830, in the historic and very beautiful Milan. Till date the duet "Sul suo capo aggravi un Dio" is said to be the finest in the operatic repertoire. The Opera is a depiction of the Tudor period and relates directly to the English History. There are three lead characters of the Opera, Roberto Devereux, Anna Bolena and Maria Stuarda, referred to as the "Three Donizetti Queens." After Premiering in Europe it later came to the United States during the late 1930’s. New Orleans was the first City to have played host to the Opera. It held infrequent productions but things changed during the latter half of the century, during the post war years. The Opera was revived and now held frequent productions.

A fresh breath was breathed into Anna Bolena during the twentieth century and was labeled and a lavish production by Luchino Visconti and was a phenomenal success. That was for the history and for the present we have the same opera for you with a dash of spice added by the new cast and crew. The Opera is produced by David McVicar. The sets are designed by Robert Jones who manages perfectly well in capturing the essence of the ninetieth century Britain. The lavish costumes are done by Jenny Tiramani and the lights by Paule Constable. The Opera is choreographed by Andrew George.

The Opera opens where the very beautiful, Anna Netrebko and her portrayal of the ill-fated queen who is driven to insanity due to her husband’s Kings Henry VIII’s treacherous nature in love. Anne Netrebko’s voice has sure grown more mature over the years which makes her the perfect candidate for the unjustly accused queen, perishing between indignant fury and righteousness. The performance is surely divine especially when Latvian mezzo Elina Garanca sings Jane Seymour. Both the voices are pure divine and amongst the finest assortment of sopranos.

Anna Netrebkos voice exhibits a new form of confidence especially in passagework, in trills and seamless runs. The role might have been her debut but it she did complete justice to it. With the directions of DFavid McVicar the Russian beauty managed to carve out her own unforgettable moments to match those who performed the role in the past. She has shows the zeal to fine-tune what is destined to become a legendary characterization.

Central to the Anna Bolena is the second wife of King Henry VIII. She was of noble birth as her afther was a knight. Her adolescne was spent in France and after returning to England she found herself the envy of many around her. She was known for her charm, wits and style who ahd many suitors after her. She gave her heart to King Henry VIII who went against the Christian Church and announced his marriage with his first wife nullified just to marry his mistress, Anne Bolena. However he soon grew out of love again and their marriage lasted three years after which the Queen was executed on false charges of committing adultery and cheating the King. Described as A Woman who is the scandal of Christendom by her rival, Katharine of Aragon, this opera will make you smile and cry. For a myriad of emotions make sure to click on your deals of the Anna Bolena tickets from us now!

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