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Annie, an Award winning musical based on the comic strip "Little Orphan Annie" by Harold Gray and mainly revolves around an eleven years old girl named Annie. The musical made its world premiere at the Goodspeed Opera house located in East Haddam, on August 10, 1976. Initially the lead role of Annie was portrayed by Kristin Vigard; however, she was later replaced by Andrea McArdle. Andrea McArdle later went on to play the role of Annie as the Broadway Production of the play opened on April 21, 1977 at Alvin Theatre. Rest of the cast members included Dorothy Loudon who played the role of Miss Hannigan, who is an alcoholic and obnoxious Orphanage Matron, while Sandy Faison played the role of Grace Farrell, who is a faithful secretary of Warbucks. During the performances several replacement were seen for the role of Annie. The replacements included actors such as Allison Smith, Shelley Bruce, Sarah Jessica Parker and Alyson Kirk. The musical ran for amazing 2377 performances before the musical closed on January 2, 1983. During its run on Broadway Productions, musical was nominated for an outstanding 11 Tony Awards and out of which the musical won 7 Awards.

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During its performance run on Broadway Productions, a movie based on the musical was also released on May 17, 1982. The movie was released by Columbia Pictures and was directed by John Huston. The lead role of Annie, in the movie, was played by Aileen Quinn; while the movie also starred Albert Finney and Carol Burnett. Just like most of the musical adaptations, Annie the movie, also featured several differences from the stage performances. One of the significant differences was that the movie featured four new musical numbers. There were several other differences regarding the plot of the musical.

West End Productions of the musical Annie opened on May 3, 1978 at Victoria Palace Theatre, London. The lead role of Annie at the West End Productions was played by Andrea McArdle; however the replacement was made after the first 40 performances of the musical. Rest of the cast members included Stratford Johns who portrayed Warbucks and Sheila Hancock who played the role of Miss Hannigan. As the musical completed its 1,485 performance run, it closed on November 28, 1981. Later Musical also went on the tour of UK.

Apart from that, Musical also went on touring several cities of United States as well. The original production was launched by four National Touring Companies who bring Annie to several cities of United States. First of those four National Touring companies starred Kathy Jo Kelly in the role of Annie and opened in March 1978 in Toronto, Canada. But the replacements for the role of Annie were made as the tour progressed, which ultimately ended on September 6, 1981. The second tour company started its National Tour on June 22, 1978 as it opened in San Francisco. After going through several cities the tour ended in Philadelphia on January 23, 1982. The third touring company opened Annie in Dallas on October 3, 1979 while it closed in September, 1982. The fourth and the last National Touring Company opened the musical on September 11, 1981 and after performing in several cities the tour ended in September, 1983.

The musical had its West End Productions revival on September 30, 1998 at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London. The musical closed on February 28, 1999.

The musical had its revival on Broadway in 1997. After few replacements the Lead role of Annie was played by Brittny Kissinger, who at that time was just 8 years of age, hence becoming the youngest most child actress to play the role of Annie on Broadway.

The Musical sets in as Annie, who is 11 year old young girl, who lives among several other orphan girls, living in an orphanage which is ran by the ever so strict Orphanage Matron, Miss Hannigan, whose way of controlling those girls is through bullying. Sick of Miss Hannigan's bullying and threatening, Annie makes an attempt to escape from the Orphanage with hope of finding her parents, and she does succeeds in that, and bumps in to a Dog which becomes her very best friend named Sandy and several other homeless people. However her escape attempt fails as she is caught and returned to the orphanage ruled over by the might of Miss Hannigan.

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