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Bat-fans should get ready to enjoy a one-of-its-a-kind experience as their favorite Caped Crusader is coming to them live on stage! Batman Live is the latest addition to the long list of Batman inspired presentations that have been entertaining superhero fans for the past many decades. What started off as a fictional character introduced by DC Comics has now become a popular franchise with movies, television series, merchandizing items, animated series, video games and many more versions coming out frequently, receiving stupendous response from people of all ages. Batman Live is a touring show which can be best explained as a cross between theater, circus and special effects. Created by DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) and Water Lane Productions, this superhero spectacle has already mesmerized its audience in the UK. Now the multi-million dollar production is ready for its US tour and Batman Live tickets are in great demand as everyone wants to catch Bruce Wayne and the company taking on the world’s most dangerous villains in the much-anticipated live extravaganza.

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Batman Live is not a musical or a regular concert-like production that we get to see very often. It is a live-action arena adventure that brings the original story of Batman and Robin in a truly spectacular manner. The show takes you to the Gotham city and brilliantly captures all the action through live stunts, illusions, acrobatic acts and visual effects. There are no songs in the show but it’s extremely engaging story and presentation will give you a never-seen-before experience. The USP of the show is its groundbreaking technology which has given many firsts in the history of live productions. There is a huge set representing Gotham city which is backed by a giant video wall, thus enhancing the whole Batman experience. The Batcave and Arkham Asylum are brought to life quite wonderfully and the Gotham’s skyline is designed so well that it fits perfectly to the mood of a malevolent, hellish metropolis. The biggest attraction of them all is the F1 styled Batmobile which is exclusively designed for the show by Gordon Murray.
Batman Live has been continuously in the news for its high-end set design and visual effects. Jim Lee is the man behind this spectacle as he has designed the overall look of the show as well as its characters. Although the gadgets and imagery will give you a new way to experience the world of Batman, be assured that it is the storyline which will exceed all your expectations. The story for the live version is specially written by DC Comics genius Geoff Johns. With his careful portrayal of Batman and other principal characters, he has done full justice to the original comic book version by Bob Kane, who popularized Batman back in 1939. Perhaps the most important person in this production is the executive producer Nick Grace. This awe-inspiring show is his brainchild and he was the first one to approach DC Comics and Warner Bros with an idea of a stage production of such an unprecedented scale.
Batman Live is a worthy addition to the superhero legacy as it contains an original story but also retains some of the best moments and characters from the past versions. The plot focuses on the relationship between Batman and Robin as they battle it out against super villains who are all set on destroying Gotham City. Everyone’s favorite villain, the super cool Joker is playing an important role here while The Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman, Two-Face and Harley Quinn are also hell-bent to defeat the Caped Crusader this time around. Not to forget Alfred and Commissioner Gordon who are helping the Batman in his fight to remove crime and criminals.
Debuted in 2011, Batman Live created unfettered hysteria among superhero fans. The world premier of the show at the Manchester Evening News Arena opened with much fanfare where all-excited and all-screaming fans, clad in Batman merchandise, welcomed their favorite superhero of all time. The show became a massive hit and ran successfully with packed arenas. Besides its commercial success, it was also termed as a family friendly entertainer by the critics and they highly recommended it for people of all ages. Now the grand show is ready to dazzle in the USA, so make sure to book Batman Live tickets in advance in order to enjoy this action-packed extravaganza when it comes to your city. It is nowhere else that you can see such amazing combination of live stunts, illusions and special effects. So Grab your Batman Live tickets today and join the superhero saga as the Batman fever continues…!

Batman Live is a mesmerizing theatrical journey that offers a thrilling ride along one of the most famous super heroes of the past century. The Batman Show brings the epic tale of DC comics’ fictional character live on stage for an enchanting experience. The epic journey of Bruce Wayne, a billionaire by day and vigilante by night, offers a spellbinding musical extravaganza for the Batman fans by amalgamating grand lighting, acrobat stunts, colorful performances, majestic stage and electrifying music. The multi-million pound production has already allured millions at the performances that have garnered rave reviews from audiences. The Batman Live opened at Manchester Evening News Arena in 2011 to critical and commercial acclaim. The enticing story of a billionaire turned vigilante in search of justice to avenge his parents murder has already fascinated generation after generation. The show unfolds the riveting story line that follows Batman’s pursuit to end corruption and injustice. Robin also joins Batman’s mission to spread justice in the Gotham City and they both encounter some of the deadliest rivals including Cat woman, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Riddler, Two Face, and the Joker. The show is being highly anticipated by audience and Batman fans.  By acquiring Batman Play tickets for sale, the audience can witness an action packed musical adventure for a memorable experience.
The Batman Live is a mega production with millions of pound invested for development. The UK production saw over two thousand people at the auditions in 2011. The Batman Live uses large equipments, originally created objects such as Batmobile for the show, and thus uses over twenty-three trucks to move the performance from one arena to another. The show is directed and choreographed to play in large arenas ranging from four thousand to ten thousand seat halls. The majestic stage set up for the show features a hundred feet video wall especially built and designed for The Batman Show. The play’s first recording comprised of more than eighty musicians and it was held at the Abbey Road Studios in 2010. The official announcement of the Batman Live in 2010 saw a massive fan support resulting in over seven thousand Facebook fans within a day. The acrobats and stunt artists in the play have gone through rigorous training for three months to make sure a perfect and safe performance at the event. The international touring production employees more than eighty people on the road including stunt performers, acrobats, actors, backstage staff and management crew.  One of the highlights of show is the Batmobile that has been specially designed to add a grandeur experience for the audience at the show. The automobile is highly expensive and designed by "Professor Gordon Murray." The Batman Play tickets for sale have made it even more alluring for the fans to witness the internationally acclaimed super hero fight his battles live on stage for a fabulous journey. 
The show unfolds the story of Dick Grayson who ends up in the guardianship of Bruce Wayne, a philanthropist and billionaire of Gotham City. Dick Grayson seeks justice for his parent’s death and tries to follow the footsteps of his hero, Batman. Much to Bruce Wayne’s dismay, Grayson does not steer away from his good yet dangerous ambitions. Wayne’s hidden identity is finally revealed that transforms Grayson into a crime fighter Robin. Both the heroes, who share a similar past of injustice, take on Gotham’s most ruthless evil geniuses to rid the city of corruption, inequality and evil. The heroes are not alone in their mission and are joined by Wayne’s trusted butler Alfred Pennyworth along with Gotham’s honorable Police Commissioner, James Gordon. The Batman Play tickets for sale will allow audience to indulge in the epic storyline of twist and turns for a magical theatrical ride.
The Batman Show takes its inspiration for style and look from the original comics by Jim Lee. The whole aura of the show is created for an enchanting voyage and audience’s delight. The mammoth stage and hundred foot video wall offers a spectacular multimedia theatrics for visual experience along with gripping plot and energetic music. "Anthony Van Last" is the Creative Director of the show and "James Powell" acts as the Co-Director. The music is composed by "James Seymour Brett" along with Sound Designer "Simon Baker." By obtaining Batman Play tickets for sale, the audience and fans can indulge in a mesmeric ride along with their favorite super heroes, Batman and Robin, for a breathtaking experience.

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