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The first published version of the traditional fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast was a meandering rendition by Madame Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and was published in La jeune americaine in 1740An abridgement of this came out in 1756 published by Mme Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont in Magasin des enfants and is considered to be the best-known written versionThe English translation of Beauty and the Beast appeared in 1757.

Linda Woolverton and Alan Menken adapted the Disney film for the stageIt was easy for them as they had worked on the film but as the original lyricist, Howard Ashman died, additional lyrics were written by Tim Rice'No Matter What', 'Me', 'Home', 'How Long Must This Go On?', 'Maison des Lunes', 'Human Again', and 'If I Can't Love Her' were the seven new songs that were added in the stage version'Human Again' was the song originally meant for the film but was later cut and added to the DVD release and the stage productionLater, 'A Change In Me', was added for BelleA great deal of effort went into the production of the imagery of the enchanted castle and the emphasis was on pyrotechnics, costuming and special effectsThis version of Beauty and the Beast musical is often examined in gender studies because of the underlying female and male roles it presents to young audiences.

The stage version of the Beauty & the Beast that the RSC came up with in 2003 was closer to the original story and they had to repeat it in 2004 with some additions and slight variations. A pantomime of Beauty and the Beast broadway play is performed in UKA witch is added in several versions that turn the Prince into the Beast because he refuses to marry her and a good fairy called the Rose Fairy is brought in to helpIn others, Beauty meets the Prince and they fall in love before his transformationUsually a man dressed outrageously as a woman known as the Dame figure plays out the character's of Beauty's mother or two of her sisters.

Plans are to close the musical version of 'disney Beauty and the Beast' in August 2007 and the musical version of 'The Little Mermaid' will be released in the same theatre in November 2007They want to do this as they believe that having two Disney heroines on Broadway at the same time will divide audiences between the two showsCurrently a musical of 'Beauty and the Beast' is being held at the Savannah Children's Theatre in Savannah, Georgia.

Beauty and the Beast belle has inspired many songs, TV shows and characters in popular cultureMeat Loaf (I will do anything for love), Stevie Nicks (in her 1983 Album Wild Heart), The Ark (Swedish band) and Nightwish (Finnish heavy metal group) wrote songs keeping in mind the theme and the titleJem TV series episode Beauty and the Rock Promoter and the movie The Beautician and the Beast are also influenced by the taleBeauty/Beast Vocals is a combined vocal style used by Gothic Metal and black metal bandsThere male death grunt vocals and melodious female vocals are put together. A mini series with the same name has been published by Marvel Comics featuring X-Men's Beast and the Dazzler

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