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One of the best ways to keep an informed public in line is to give them the illusion of choice; the perception that they, the people have the power to decide who gets to be at the helm of governmental hierarchy whilst a shadow government pulls the strings from behind the scenes. The best illustration of this manipulation at work is the US presidential race that at the outset seems to offer the voting public a diverse set of presidential candidates to choose from and then through slickly crafted political campaigns and catchphrases such as Bill Clinton's "For People, for a Change" and Obama's "Change We Can Believe In" or "Who but Hoover?" And when the game is down to the final two candidates, one each from the Democratic and the Republican parties, it's the same lot of corporate entities that is funding both sides. So elect The Best Man tickets now to see that whichever way the presidential coin lands after being flipped, it's the people who lose every time. Following the campaigning shenanigans of two presidential candidates in the final throes of being elected to the power pulpit of the US, The Best Man depicts the deceitful game that is played out along the road to the White House. The struggle for the coveted power pits two men from both sides of the social divided to vie for the majority vote. William Russell may seem to have the upper hand in the upper echelons of government by being a former governor and having aristocratic genealogy but his womanizing might just get the better of him. Joe Cantwell on the other hand may not be Prince Charming but he sure is the peoples' darling, much like the real life US president John F. Kennedy, and is all fire and brimstone when it comes to defending the nation against the purported Communist threat. However, the only thing that these two have in common is their mutual desire for the incumbent president Art Hockstader's blessings. After the two have dig up and flung copious amounts of dirt on each other, Russell pulls out of the race and throws his weight behind a third candidate, whereby smashing both their presidential ambitions.
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Penned by the famed playwright Gore Vidal, The Best Man debuted on Broadway in 1960 and after being staged at the Morosco Theater some 520 times, closed the following year. The original staging garnered six Tony Awards that included one for the ‘Best Play’ and was adapted into an eponymous film in 1964 starring Henry Fonda as William Russell and Cliff Robertson as Joe Cantwell. The 2001 revival of The Best Man clocked 121 showings at the Virginia Theater and picked up a Drama Desk Award for ‘Outstanding Revival of a Play ‘as well as getting a Tony nod for ‘Best Revival of a Play’.

However, it is the 2012 revival of The Best Man that has set the Broadway grapevine buzzing with anticipation and excitement. Having commenced previews on the March 6th and an apt opening on "Fools's Day," the production features a scintillating cast that pits the who's of who of theatrical heavyweights in the respective roles. Twice the winner of Tony Award, James Earl Jones pushes the envelope by playing the ailing president Art Hockstader whilst Tony and Emmy winner John Larroquette takes on the airs of William Russell. Emmy winner Eric McCormack of Will & Grace fame puts on the shoes of Senator Joe Cantwell. Golden Globe and Emmy winner Candice Bergen and multiple Tony Award winner Angela Lansbury bring up the rear by playing Alice Russell and Mrs. Sue-Ellen Gamadge respectively.

Penning The Best Man might indeed have come as second nature to Gore Vidal, what with him having been a Congressional candidate in his time, with constituencies both in California as well as in the Big Apple. Vidal was also the recipient of 1993's National Book Award for his work of essays United States, which is just the tip of the iceberg of the wealth of novels and plays that he has amassed in a career spanning almost seven decades. The 2012 production of The Best Man indeed does have "The Best Man" for the directing job in Michael Wilson, who has scored a double-helping of Drama Desk Special Awards along with an Outer Circle Critics Award. It is your inalienable right to watch The Best Man in all its contemporary glory, so get The Best Man tickets now to claim it.

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