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Billy Elliot the Musical is an award-winning musical based on Billy Elliot. The music for the show was composed by Sir Elton John and book and lyrics are by Lee Hall, he had also written the film's screenplay. The musical revolves around motherless Billy, who trades boxing gloves for ballet shoes. The story of his personal struggle and accomplishment are balanced against a counter story of family and community strife caused by the 1980s coal miners' strike.

The work premiered in March 2005 at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London, where it is still showing. It is directed by Stephen Daldry and choreographed by Peter Darling as was the original film. The producers were Working Title Films, Old Vic Productions Plc and David Furnish. The original cast album was released on January 10, 2006.

The musical will open at Sydney's Capitol Theatre on 16th November 2007 and on Broadway at the Imperial Theatre in summer 2008. Productions have been also proposed for Canada, Japan, and Germany. Set in County Durham, against the backdrop of the coal miners' strike, which lasted twelve months in 1984-85, motherless eleven-year-old Billy accidentally finds his way into a girls' ballet class run by Mrs. Wilkinson and is attracted to the grace of the dance. Without telling his family, who would prefer that he study boxing, Billy continues to come to the dance class, and Mrs. Wilkinson, recognizing his talent, encourages him to audition for the Royal Ballet School in London.

Billy's friend Michael is a boy with homosexual feelings, and Mrs. Wilkinson's daughter Debbie is another friend of Billy's. Meanwhile Billy's gruff, conservative father and brother are engaged in a daily battle with policemen in riot gear protecting strike breakers. They struggle to get the family by with very little strike pay. The father comes to terms with his son's desire to be a dancer, as he becomes resigned to the realization that coal mining is a dying business. The musical gives more emphasis to the miner's strike than the film, and consequently its tone is a bit darker and harder-edged than the original theme of film. The ending is uplifting nevertheless, and the musical has many comic touches. The show contains language that may be too strong for young children.

The show was nominated for nine Laurence Olivier Awards and won four of them on 26 February 2006. These were best musical,

? Best choreography

? Best sound design

? Best actor(s) in a musical James Lomas, George Maguire, and Liam Mower.

At thirteen, Liam is the youngest actor ever to win the award. They were also the first ever to win the award in a shared capacity. Lomas, Maguire, and Mower also jointly received the Theatre Goers' Choice Award 2005 for The Most Promising Newcomer. Billy Elliot the Musical has also won several other awards: The Evening Standard Award 2005, the Critics' Circle Theatre Award 2005, and the Theatre Goers' Choice Award 2005, all for best British Musical.

On 12 May 2006, the three original Billy's Lomas, Maguire and Mower came together for one final show together to celebrate the show's first anniversary. The three rotated the role during the show and were joined at the end by Sir Elton John, who led the audience in singing Happy Birthday. The musical celebrated its second birthday on 12 May 2007. The occasion was marked by fans, but the Company itself did not celebrate as it did the year before. The occasion coincided with the announcement of the new Australian Billy's.

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