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Coming from the creators of famous animated series South Park, comes yet another successful creation. Book of Mormon the musical explores the elements of organized religion in a satirical manner along with the necessary elements of musical theatre, to make it a worth watching comedy musical. The creators of the musical also choose the subject of Mormons due to the fascination that they have with both the musicals and Mormonism. The musical features the music, lyrics and book by Matt Stone, Trey Parker and Robert Lopez.

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The plot of the musical is set in a remote village located within northern Uganda. The musical unfolds the tale of two Mormon missionaries who are young and are sent to that village. Upon their arrival, the two missionaries find themselves amidst the occupation of the village by a local brutal warlord, who imposes to be life threatening to the villagers. While the residents of the village are already worried about discomforts like poverty, AIDS and Famine, the two young missionaries find it hard to convey their scriptures to the locales.
The Book of Mormon made its debut on Broadway, after seven years into development, in March 2011. From its very first performance, the musical received positive reception from the regular audience as well as the critics. In addition, the original production of the musical also received an amazing nine Tony Awards including an award for Best Musical, Best Book and Best Original Score. As soon as the original cast recording of the musical surfaced the market in May 2011, it peaked at the #4 on Billboard Charts, becoming the highest charting Broadway album in past forty years.
The idea for the musical was original conceived back in 2003 when Stone and Parker headed over to New York to discuss with the producer Scott Rudin about their script for their upcoming movie called Team America: World Police. By Rudin, Parker and Stone were suggested to watch a production of Avenue Q, which they did. As they watched Avenue Q, they were spotted by Robert Lopez who was the composer and writer of Avenue Q. Lopez approached them and explained how Avenue Q was highly inspired by Southpark Bigger Longer & Uncut. As the conversation kicked off between the three, they soon discovered that all three of them wanted to involve Joseph Smith in their next writing. And soon enough the trio started working the details up. However for the research purposes they went to Salt Lake City to share thoughts with current and ex-missionaries.
Later in 2006, while Lopez was working on the West End Production of Avenue Q, Parker and Stone headed over to London to catch up and there they came up with the basic story for the musical. There they also wrote a couple of songs and initially called it The Book of Mormon: The Musical of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As the musical developed, Lopez pushed his partners for the workshops of the musical and so the trio spent a lot of their money to organize those workshops and readings. For the next four years, dozens of workshops of the musical took place until Nicholaw took charge as the co-director with Parker as well as the choreographer. Later Rudin was named to be the producer of the show and he decided to take the show directly to Broadway instead of premiering it on Off-Broadway first.
Ever since the production premiered on Eugene O’ Neil Theatre, it garnered the appraisals from the paying audience and the theatrical critics. The original production of the musical is still running successfully on Broadway, so if you want to be a spectator to this musical marvel, get your Book of Mormon tickets only from us.   

A musical on religious satire, The Book of Mormon has garnered critical acclaim and raving reviews since its first production on Broadway in 2011. Its music, lyrics and books are the creative outpourings of Trey Parker and Matt Stone in collaboration with Robert Lopez. It relates the story of two Mormon missionaries who are sent to a village in Uganda where people combat the threats of a warlord, famine, AIDS and poverty and have little time for religion. Find out more about it with Book of Mormon Online information. And watch the Tony and Grammy Award winning show with

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