Boston Ballet The Nutcracker Tickets

Holidays and the Nutcracker show go together for almost a century. This year again Boston Ballet is back in a festive mood, bringing to you this amazing tale. The timeless music of Tchaikovsky will be ringing in your ears again personifying the delicacy and grace that it stands for. It will be extenuating its land of origin - Russia which has been carrying the legacy of the pioneers of ballet for years.Boston Ballet recreates the traditional Holiday magic in a new setting. Boston Ballet The Nutcracker with its compelling power will immerse themselves in its sprightly warmth yet again.

The Nutcracker was first showcased in 1892. It was a twenty minutes ballet piece with an actual inspiration from the romantic novelist ETA Hoffmann’s "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King". The idea of creating this story into a ballet was invoked with the success of The Sleeping Beauty in 1890s. Ivan Vsevolozhsky , enthused with the success of Sleeping Beauty, put his faith in his best team; Marius Petipa and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky to come up with a winning show. The initial intention was to create a ballet and an opera.

On December 18 th 1892, the show made its debut in St. Petersburg at the Mariinsky Theatre. The show’s reception unfortunately was not as welcoming as the creators hoped. However, gradually it grew on people becoming one of finest ballet pieces ever produced and necessary holiday tradition for many. The Nutcracker’s first ever successful show was in the twenties and has been produced by different ballet companies. The basics of the show have been somewhat the same as in the past with a few tweaks here and there done by the Ballet companies to suit their needs. Boston Ballet the Nutcracker is one such presentation. The encouraging sales of Boston Ballet the Nutcracker tickets have been hinting towards the success of another amazing run of this show.

The story of Boston Ballet the Nutcracker is about a family enjoying the Christmas Eve festivities with family and friends. The kids of the family are enthralled with the opulent Christmas tree. The lighting and carols become an added reason for the plummeting excitement all around. Clara and Fritz, the youngest of the family are rejoiced to receive their Christmas presents from everyone except one. It is from the mysterious visitor who is successful in grabbing everyone’s attention with his surreal entry. The joy soon takes over the suspense, as they construe it is their grandfather; a skilled toymaker. As expected, he takes out an exciting variety of toys for his bag. Some of his toys are as good as life-like dolls dancing on the joyous tunes. The entire town joins enjoys the craft of this amazing toymaker.

The kids are quite sad when the show comes to an end and the toys go back to where they came from. The old man can sense their disappointment and thus offers them a nutcracker carved in a human like figure. The kids do not find it as interesting except for Clara who is intrigued by this small gift. Clara gets quite upset when Fritz breaks the toy. As the evening passes and ceremonies slowly began to wrap up everyone heads towards bed. It is almost midnight and with the strike of the clock, Clara finds herself in an entirely different world. The Nutcracker grows in size and starts dancing along with the army of gingerbread men. Clara is amazed, almost ecstatic until she realizes something.

Boston Ballet the Nutcracker which seems a childlike presentation has a nostalgic and absorbing effect on the adults. The superior quality of its music is felt throughout the show. The elegance of Boston Ballet and the enchanting composition of Tchaikovsky is enough to charm the audiences. This is the time to celebrate and enjoy the best of holiday season in a vintage style. If you are planning to attend this show, Boston Ballet The Nutcracker Tickets are available now.

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