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The Caretaker is a theatrical production by Harold Pinter. In the year of 1960, this play came out in print for the first time by Encore Publishing as well as by Eyre Methuen. This was the sixth play that Harold Pinter has written for both stage and for television and ultimately it turned out to be one of this first successful plays also. The first performance of this amazing theatrical production was at the Arts Theatre which is in London. The first performance of the play took place on the 27th of April in 1960. The following month the play was shifted to the famous Duchess Theatre. The very first run of the play comprised of a total of 444 outstanding performances.

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It has been noted that the Caretaker play was written by Harold Pinter in the chilly and breezy autumnal months of the year of 1958. He was living in only two rooms with his wife during this time. A man suffering from mental illness lived in that house. He once brought with him a homeless man to that house. Whatever occurs in the play is undoubtedly Harold Pinter’s imagination, however these real life instances and experiences ended up playing a major role in the formation of his play.  
The story of the Caretaker revolves around an appallingly dilapidated slum flat which is in a house that is located in West London. The character of Aston played by Douglas Hodge brings a tramp by the name of Davies played by Michael Gambon. You can see that Aston is somewhat mentally challenged as he speaks in a hush slow manner and acts as though he is faking being mad. Aston becomes friends with Davies and gives him a place to stay in that house. Aston’s brother which is the character of Mick played by Rupert Graves who is much sharper than Aston and Davies combined both start to confide in Davies and ultimately offer him the job of being a caretaker of a completed dream shared by both Aston and Mick.
Most of the critics of Harold Pinter have noticed that he is an extremely clever playwright, but not many people have enjoyed his subject matters which comprise of a lot of violence, ugliness and also misogyny. However, the Caretaker theatrical production of Harold Pinter has seriously made many critics rethink their claims. After nearly forty years when the Caretaker was first performed to a live audience in London, it has now been revived and has come back with a bang on theatrical stages. The new revived play of Harold Pinter’s most successful work is now being directed by the versatile and exceptionally talented Patrick Marber. Marber is also an acclaimed playwright. The new revived production of the play stars Michael Gambon. This marvelous play has been compared to the plays that have been written by Samuel Beckett in which nothing much seems to be happening in the play, however the intense chemistry which exists between the characters dazzles and truly transfixes its audiences. The characters of this incredible play are well known by its audience to literally grasp them by their throats and refuse to let go for they are so enthralling.
The Caretaker theatrical production is all about games that involve power and it is all portrayed in the shifting fragility of the balance that the amazing naturalistic dialogue that Harold Pinter has presented in his play. For example, there is a scene in the play when you get to witness two characters snatching an old bag of clothes from one another. In that particular scene you can see greatly the immense persuasive physical manifestation of the formation of power. The three characters of the play portray a lot of simmering impulsiveness and volatile hostility that the audience does not really know when to expect it.
The Caretaker is truly an exceptional play. The revival of the fantastic play has brought about many performances turning out to be a complete sellout. In a very short period of time Patrick Marber’s direction of this play has gained a lot of fans. The play will soon be scheduled to a magnificent venue near you. This is without a doubt the best time to avail those Caretaker tickets. With those Caretaker tickets in your hands, you are surely going to enjoy an unforgettable experience with your friends and loved ones. 

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