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Tony Award winning musical, Cats, has received its fame and exposure all across the globe, which is why as of today Cats has been opened in several International productions and has been translated into more than 20 different languages. The musical is based upon a book by T.S Eliot, titled "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats". Cats made its world premiere on May 11, 1981 as it was opened at the New London Theatre, London by the West End Productions. The musical opened as Elaine Paige played the role of Grizabella, who left her tribe just to see the outer world and she ultimately finds herself facing the rudeness endured by her from the outer world. The role of Old Deuteronomy was portrayed by Brian Blessed, while the role of Munkustrap was played by Jeff Shankley. After giving a total of 8949 performances, the Cats finally ended at West End Production on May 11, 2002. At that time Cats became the longest running Musical in London.

On October 7, 1982 the musical was premiered on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre. The Musical starred Betty Buckley playing the role of Grizabella, while Ken Page played the role of Old Deuteronomy and Munkustrap was played by Harry Groener. While the production team remaining the same; musical became the longest running musical in the history of Broadway after completing its 7,485 performances in New York only at that time it was closed. The musical ultimately closed on September 10, 2000.

The Music of Cats was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the same composer, who later composed the music of 1998's release "Cats", a movie that was based upon the internationally famous Musical, Cats. The movie also starred Elaine Paige as Grizabella. Elaine Paige played the same role in the Musical performed in London. Rest of the cast members also included Ken Page, John Mills, John Partridge and Michael Gruber. The movie version of the musical was directed by David Mallet. The movie as compared to the musical didn't have any major differences on the part of plot or musical numbers. There were, however, few slight differences.

Due to its immense popularity all across the globe the musical Cats, have been through several International Productions after been translated to the region's local language. A year after "Cats" opened at Broadway; the musical was premiered in Budapest at Madach Theatre on March 25, 1983. The musical was first time opened in Canada on March 14, 1985 at the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto. Musical Starred Kathy Michael McGlynn for the role of Grizabella, while David Walden played Old Deuteronomy. The musical made its comeback to Canada on April 23, 2008 at Salle Albert Rousseau in Quebec City. The role of Glam cat Grizabella at Salle Albert Rousseau was played by Marilou Ferland Daigle, while the roles of Old Deuteronomy and Munkustrap were played by Louis David Faucher and Yannick Vezina correspondingly. Later on June 22, 2008 the musical came to Unchagah Hall in Dawson Creek starring Meagan Longley as Grizabella and Grizz Michaels as Old Deuteronomy.

In 2007, musical went for three tours. First tour was Asia's Tour that kicked off in January, 2007 and hit several Theatres in Taiwan and Thailand. On that tour Francesca Arena played the role of Grizabella. Later that year on May 31, 2007 the Cats went on a tour of South Korea while Francesca Arena again playing the role of Grizabella. For the third tour musical came back to Asia as it went on China's tour that kick off on December 24, 2007. Also on this tour the role of Grizabella was played by Francesca Arena and Han Lim played the role of Old Deuteronomy.

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