Children's Dance Theatre Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Tickets

The Children’s Dance Theatre is a company based in Main St. Auburn in Washington. It is an institution that gives really young children the chance to explore their talents in ballet and other dance forms from a very young age. Along with training them in the different respects, the company also trains them as live performers, setting up various well known ballets for them to perform as their end of the year recital. So far, the up and coming performers have taken part in the classic "The Nutcracker", and different variations of the show such as "Clara’s Nutcracker Dream" and so forth. This year, however, they will be taking on a new challenge by taking on "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland". It will no doubt be demanding for the young ones, but rehearsals, and the final recital is also bound to polish them as performers. In any case, the company emphasizes that their students dwell on the sense of accomplishment more than executing any show perfectly. For ballet enthusiasts, this will be the perfect opportunity to keep an eye out for the industry’s future potential star. Children’s Dance Theatre Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland tickets can easily be found for anyone who wants to attend.

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The show that the young dancers will be performing in is an adaptation of the quirky novel by Lewis Carroll, "Alice in Wonderland". The story has been popularized over the years by its variations into different forms. It has been converted into a Disney animated feature, which makes it known to every young child. A Hollywood feature film was also made by none other than the king of quirk himself, Tim Burton, who cast Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Helena Bohem Carter as the "Queen of Hearts". This has made it popular with adults who might not have otherwise read the book, or watched the animated film. But even if you are not aware of the story, it is likely that you would have heard of the interesting characters that Lewis Carroll created. Be it the Cheshire cat, the White Rabbit, the Dodo bird, or the famous tea party scene, everything about this franchise is iconic and has been rigorously referred to in the popular culture.
The original novel was written in 1865 and it soon became a pioneer in the "literary nonsense" genre. The story was adapted into a ballet by Christopher Wheeldon. The original scenario was penned by Nicholas Wright. When it was first written, it was so highly appreciated and enjoyed that it was even performed in the "Royal Ballet". The "National Ballet of Canada" and the "Covent Garden" also picked it up for touring shows. Although the ballet is fairly recent, having only been written in February of 2011, it has quickly gained a lot of accolades and honors for being a well thought of piece. This also led to a full 1 hour and 40 minute score in the "Royal Ballet" for the first time since 20 years. The music was composed by Joby Talbot. This is a lot to live up to, especially for children who have not reached the professional level yet. Still, their instructors have a lot of faith in their abilities and are still presenting the show and running a campaign to sell Children’s Dance Theatre Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland tickets for a full house for the opening night of the show.
The idea for such a ballet came to Wheeldon when he was re-reading the famous novel. He felt like the physicality of all the characters was spot on for the roles of a principle ballerina. Moreover, for many years, the "Royal Ballet" would only feature really dark recitals, often with a tragic storyline. Although "Romeo and Juliet" and "The Swan Queen" were highly regarded in the ballet world, Wheeldon wanted to bring something lighter and more exciting to the table. Thus, he cast Lauren Cuthbertson to be his principle ballerina and play the role of Alice. He wanted the leading role to be captivating and interesting, the same way the quirky and eccentric qualities of the original story have made it so famous.
For the children who participate in the Children’s Dance Theatre Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland show, this will be a perfect opportunity to learn a different form of performance that is based more on personality and splendor than it is on technical precision. With beautiful set designs and costumes to go with the ballet, the recital is fitting for the young dancers.

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