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Hailing from Pennsylvania, the Cinderella band is a heavy metal band which made an entry in the world of music in the 1980’s. The band has several multi-platinum albums to its credit along with music videos that became huge hits on MTV. They initially had recognition as a band for being into hard metal but over time they shifted to the music genre of hard rock. Cinderella’s popularity started to decline in the mid 1990’s. The reasons for the decline included breakups in the band, personal issues as well as the group making switches in music industries. After all this passed though, the members picked up from where they had left off, it reunited and the band is still active up till today. To date, Cinderella has sold more than twenty million albums on universal basis. The Cinderella band tickets have been selling extremely fast, a testament to the global recognition of the band and its soaring popularity. 

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The band was founded by Eric Brittingham the bassist for the group and Tom Keifer, the songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist. In the beginning stages of the formation of the band, Tony Destra the drummer and Michael Smerick the guitarist were also part of the band. However, soon enough, the two of them left the band and formed their own entity called ‘Britney Fox’. The Cinderella band got their recognition when Bon Jovi saw them performing in Philadelphia and was impressed with their music. The band’s two new members Jeff LaBar the guitarist and Jim Drnec the drummer became part of the group in 1985. 
The band’s first album Night Songs was released in 1986 and was a whopping success. There was a time when the album was selling approximately 50,000 albums in a single week and over time the album achieved platinum status. By 1987 the album had gotten to number three on the charts. By that year the group also released videos in order to supplement the album.

The Cinderella band toured for the first time in 1986. The tour was with Poison and they were opening for the band Loudness. The tours that followed were spent playing in front of large audiences. The band opened for David Lee Roth for five months and another seven months opening for Bon Jovi. That same year, the Cinderella band had tours abroad, performing in countries such as Germany, UK, Japan and Scandinavia.
The second album for the Cinderella band titled ‘Long Cold Winter’ was released in 1988. The release of the second album showed a change in their genre, moving away from glam metal and towards a rock sound. The band set out on a tour for 14 months to popularize the album. They got a chance to perform alongside musicians such as Skid Row and Ozzy Osborne. A series of videos were released in 1990 featuring promotional videos along with medleys. 
The third album for the band titled Heartbreak Station was released that same year. After the tour had finished, Coury left the band and joined Arcade. Keifer’s voice got affected in 1991 which delayed the release of the group’s fourth album. He underwent surgeries and the album was finally released in 1994. However, it was a very forgettable album and was off the charts soon enough. The group toured to the US in 1998 and in 1997 a video was released consisting of all the previous promotional videos. 

The Cinderella band was signed with Sony Records during the 1999 time period. However, before the band could release an album, they were dropped by the label. This put them into a lawsuit for the next three years. By 2000 the band was touring again. The Cinderella band tickets are up for sale. However they are on a first come first served basis. So hurry up and get your tickets to their concert as soon as you can for your friends and family.

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