Cirque Du Soleil Amaluna Tickets

Dear fans, we now have Cirque Du Soleil Amaluna tickets up on our website! Amaluna is another tremendous touring show by the Cirque Du Soleil team, which premiered in Canada, in April 2012. It’s created and also directed by American director of opera and theatre, Diane Paulus. Paulus has gained much success owing to her superb Broadway works Hair and Porgy and Bess. Here, she draws inspiration from William Shakespeare yet again.

The story is set on an isle ruled by goddesses. An assembly of men is washed up to the shore during a heavy storm. The empress's daughter Miranda falls in love with a young seaman called Romeo, and the struggles of their love are the main features which compose this production.
The title "Amaluna", is the blend of two separate words; "Ama", which means mother in a lot of languages, and "luna", which refers to moon. The moon symbolizes feminism, which is quite the reason why it was selected for this particular production.
Scott Pask made a set very close to nature; He used branches that look like bamboo and which frame the set and also extent out to the viewers. The stage is open and vast, yet immersive. This is ascribed to the lofty trees close to the edge of the main stage and the subordinate, denser flora added upstage. Moreover, the trees weren’t made to resemble actual wood but are natural and hand-made while still inducing the natural effect.
The costume designer for Amaluna, Meredith Caron has also done a wonderful job by bringing to life the characters with her magical creations. The complex multidimensional getups completely fit in with the storyline. They are in excess of 130 and made with almost 800 different materials and items.
The colors form a very strong component of the stage. The theme colors are mostly those spotted in peacock feathers, while the lighting is made use of to generate heightened awareness and danger. This is achieved through a number of lighting styles, as well as through the use of the set in order to cast various shadows.
The central stage is revolving and the carousel hanging from above is also capable of rotating. Apart from that the set doesn’t have many moving parts, neither are there any visual effects, which in turn provides more concentration for the performers.
The general theme of music in this show is present-day, which can be observed with their usage of guitars. Drums, bass, cello, keyboards, percussion and vocals support the guitar sounds in delivering direct melody without much embellishment. An interesting feature of Amaluna is that it’s the 1st Cirque du Soleil production which has an all-female musicians’ band. Moreover, only around thirty percent of the performers are male. Another distinguishing aspect of Amaluna is that unlike other Cirque productions, the central characters are the performers themselves, not mimes or clowns.
Miranda, with her flirtatious and fantastic balance routine performs inside and around the gigantic water bowl and Romeo in her pursuit, performs some incredible display of power and strength. He climbs up on a bendable fireman’s pole, mostly just with his hands, and while his legs wrap around at the top; he lets himself drop down, gaining control just before he would have his head hit the ground. So the show will truly send your spirit soaring and take your heart to places it has never been before!
Now for all our awaiting fans, the Cirque Du Soleil Amaluna show will soon be held at the Grand Chapiteau at Concord Pacific Place in Vancouver.  The venue is widely known as Canada’s biggest master planned urban community and just the right place to hold a top class event like Cirque’s Amaluna. So this is your chance to purchase your Cirque Du Soleil Amaluna tickets to enjoy a splendid evening out along your friends and family!

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