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Cirque du Soleil-Dralion Tickets

One touring circus company that has played a vital role in taking contemporary circus to the next level is that of Cirque du Soleil. This Canadian circus company has a long list of unique, artistic and awe-inspiring productions to entertain the audience. Cirque du Soleil has performed live shows across the globe and has won four Primetime Emmy Awards and three Gemini Awards. Fans du Soleil will be performing one of its best productions in your very own city so get Cirque du Soleil-Dralion Tickets and enjoy!

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Cirque du Soleil is headquartered in Montreal Canada. This company was founded by two popular street performers namely Daniel Gauthier and Guy Laliberte in the year 1984. Over the years this circus company has grown into a huge and promising enterprise, now Cirque du Soleil annually generates revenue over $800 million. The circus shows have been performed in almost every famous city of the world. Till date around 90 million people have experienced the wonderful shows of Cirque du Soleil worldwide. Most of the shows have an original storyline and theme solely created by the du Soleil team with styles and inspirations taken from different cultures of the world. Currently du Soleil employs over 5000 people and these people belong to forty different countries.

Most of the shows of du Soleil are touring but the company also has permanent resident shows in various cities like La Nouba is regularly performed in Downtown Disney in Florida, Ks in MGM Grand, Las Vegas, O in Bellagio Las Vegas, Zumanity in New York-New York in Las Vegas, Mystere in Treasure Island Las Vegas, Love The Mirage Las Vegas, Viva Elvis in Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas, Zaia in The Venetian Macao in Macau and Zed in Tokyo Disney Resort. Some famous touring shows of Cirque de Soleil are Ovo, Dralion, Vareki, Corteo, Kooza, Zarkana, Alegria and Quidam .

Cirque du Soleil-Dralion is yet another exceptional touring production of du Soleil that intricately blends aspects of contemporary western circus with Chinese traditional circus. This show is directed by Guy Caron, music is composed by Violaine Corradi and choreography by Julie Lachance. The backdrop of Dralion is a structure made out of metal which resembles a Chinese temple with an unusual architecture. This temple like structure is 26 feet tall and 60 feet wide. The cast includes fifty performers with main characters depicting the four vital elements Yao (fire), Azala (air), Gaya (earth) and Oceane (water). Apart from this other performers are Dralions (imaginary creatures mainly a mix of dragon and lion dance) and L’Ame Force that tries to create a balance between the elements. The four elements are clad in clothes with inspiration from Africa, China and India, Oceane wears a costume of green color, Yao is dressed in red, Azala main dress is blue and Gaya wears ochre. The acrobatic acts include bamboo poles, juggling, aerial hoops, trampoline, skipping ropes and hoop diving. Rotation acts include chair balancing and diabolo. The soundtrack is a soulful mix of music numbers inspired from Andalusian, European, African and even Indian melodies. Some famous numbers that are included in the soundtrack of Dralion are Ombra, Hinko, Aborigenes Jam, Ravendhi, Stella Errans, Spiritual Spiral and Ninkou Latora.

Fans Cirque du Soleil-Dralion is truly has been performed across many cities in the US and Canada, abroad it has been performed in cities like London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Vienna, Zurich, Valencia, Dusseldorf, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Antwerp. Now it’s your turn feel the magic of Dralion so don’t miss it just get Cirque du Soleil-Dralion Tickets only from us and feel the Dralion magic all over you!

Cirque Du Soleli is a name that has been well-known in the world of entertainment since the past three decades. It brings to its audience, quality and awe-inspiring performances that range from juggling fire rings to dancing to walking on high wires; everything and anything that can be done on stage. No matter what Cirque presents, it’s done with authenticity and originality. All in all, Cirque Du Soleli is a package of creativity, imagination and skilled performances that have entertained people all over the world in these past thirty years.

Cirque Du Soleli was formed in 1984 and literally means ‘Circus of the Sun’. It is based in Canada and was created by Guy Laliberté , one of the members of a street performing group in Qubec. While Cirque Du Soleli was still in its formative years, it toured Canada at the 450 th anniversary of its discovery and performed in different provinces of the country as a part of the festivities. Since then, Cirque has been continuously on the go, only growing bigger and better and making new fans with every show. Cirque has expanded tremendously and now has over 4000 employees and 100 million viewers around the world who have witnessed its magic since 1984. Cirque’s uniqueness is unmatched. It has six shows that only perform in one city and five that travel worldwide. Last year alone, Cirque presented twenty exceptional shows, based on extremely different themes and soundtracks.

There is a huge variety of Cirque Du Soleli shows that perform over the world. Starting with ‘Alégría’, literally meaning joy, we see a performance by clowns who are intended to represent the command and control held by various historical figures that have lived in the past, to show how power has evolved with time. A total of forty artists perform in this particular show and the stage is brought to life by exceptional lighting effects.

Another show, ‘Saltimbanco’ has a totally different theme. Meaning ‘jumping on a bench’, this Cirque Du Soleli show represents the urban life in all its forms. The performances take the audience on a ride through a cosmopolitan city and incorporate all if its madness, variety, skyscrapers and chaos in the act.

Other shows include ‘Mystère’, which is a high power show and involves comedy, dance and music, ‘O’, which focuses on aquatic art and pays a tribute to drama and theatre at the same time, ‘Quiodam’, which is a story of an isolated girl and her imaginary world, ‘La Nouba’, ‘Dralion’, ‘Varekai’, ‘Korteo’ and lastly, ‘Kooza’. It is worth noting that every show has a different theme that is based on a different soundtrack. Costumes, lighting and makeup are all exemplary and add to the beauty of what is ‘Cirque Du Soleli’.

Entertainment isn’t all that Cirque Du Soleli does. It is also a binding force that ties together cultures and skills to make its contribution towards making the world a better place. Recently, Cirque has started working with development and humanitarian organizations all over the world to tackle problems like poverty and issues of troubled children. They have also started a program called the ‘One Drop’ program that focuses on the water and sanitation issues in developing countries. Currently, Cirque is working with 20 countries around the globe and helping them in whatever way it can and this is something that the world needs to know about Cirque Du Soleli.

Cirque Du Soleli is, without a doubt, one of the biggest names in the world of performing arts. All of its shows are truly enjoyable and mesmerizing experiences; captivating the viewers from the start to the end. Being a part of a Soleli audience is surely a privilege, so to treat yourself to this breathtaking experience, don’t think about it twice and get your Cirque Du Soleil, Dralion Tickets right away!

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