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In today’s modern era, it comes as no surprise to see that circus, an ancient form of entertainment involving people performing different stunts, is still making waves across millions of people with numerous shows being hosted around the world. Cirque Du Soleil is a company that has been seen as modern innovators of the art of circus entertainment. As a result of their death-defying stunts and amazing style, it is has gone on to win the hearts of millions of people around the globe who would do just about anything to get a chance to watch one of their productions live. Cirque Du Soleil is a French word which when translated to English reads out the Circus of the Sun . The company hails from the country of Canada which, as of the year 2010, has total employees ranging up to a mammoth amount of four thousand people. These people are from over a total of forty different countries. The company is said to be estimating a total revenue generation exceeding a record one billion dollars for the year 2011. Their latest production goes by the name Cirque Du Soleil Iris.

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Cirque Du Soleil Iris previewed to live audiences for the very first time during mid-July in the year 2011. The show’s plot is based on the history of cinema. Along with the traditional practices of earlier shows hosted by the Cirque Du Soleil, Iris continues down in the same path. The show is directed by renowned French director Philippe Decoufle, who is also a world famous choreographer. It also involves the trademark dance and acrobatic sequences of the company, as well as involving the modern circus traditions that the company has become famous for. Iris is the company’s debut performance at the Kodak Theater which is located Los Angeles California. The show premiered to a live audience for the first time on the 25 th of September 2011. The show has been destined to complete a total of ten years of production. As a result of this massive time-span, the total cost of running the show has come out at a whopping one-twenty million US dollars. The show derives its name; Iris, from two major sources. The first being camera diaphragms whereas the other being the colored iris that is embedded in a human eye.

A total of 72 performers are part of the production team for the show and that number also includes a number of professional athletes who have taken part in the prestigious Olympics. In order to prepare for the Cirque Du Soleil Iris, the artists and creation teams that are involved in the show had to spend quite a lot of time in the city of Montreal. This was done despite the fact that the show was in development for quite some time already. However, by the time the month of March came in 2011, there was a major shift to Los Angeles for both the productions and operations teams involved in the show. However, it was by the end of April that the creations team and artists taking part in the show moved to the city of Los Angeles. Before that they had continued to refine their parts involved in the show and kept on training. They kept at it even after they had moved to Los Angeles; perfecting their moves and removing all mistakes and errors in their performances, so that they were a hundred percent ready for the show’s premiere in September of the same year.

In order to accommodate the requirements of Cirque du Soleil Iris, a hefty forty million US dollars had to be spent in order to make certain modifications to the Kodak Theater’s stage they would be using for their show. Most of that money was used primarily for the creation of the stage lifts which were an integral part to the whole production. In order to complete the installations of these lifts, pits ranging up to forty-four feet had to be excavated out. For the company, providing each of their esteemed members of the audience with the same viewing experience was the key. In order to make this task a reality, they had to remove a total of nine hundred seats from the theater, reducing the total capacity to twenty-five hundred seats. However, doing so helped them achieve their target.

Getting a chance to see this production would be the chance only a few lucky people would get. In order to ensure you are among those people, get your Cirque du Soleil Iris Tickets today and get ready to be mesmerized by the finest set of performers ever to grace a stage.

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