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Cirque du Soleil O is a production of the company Cirque du Soleil that is a circus as well as an entertainment company from Canada. This production of the company showcases an aquatic display of theatrical romance in a rather enduring style. The idea of the show has taken its inspiration from the class, perpetuity and the grace of the purity of water. "O" the event is a real tribute to the classic creativity of theatre. Audience gets the chance to witness stunning acrobats, divers, swimmers in synchronization and various characters who all perform above, in and on water to make the experience of the show absolutely dazzling.  

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Cirque Du Soleil O Las Vegas NV

Cirque du Soleil O which has its theme centered on "water" is performed around, in and above water which is approximately 1.5 million US gallon of a pool of water. The performance features various water associated acts such as great swimming that is synchronized along with ground and aerial performances.

The genre of Cirque du Soleil O is basically contemporary circus. The show type is resident show. The first time that "O" took place was on the 15th of October in 1998 and has been successfully taking place ever since then. The location of the show is primarily the Bellagio in Las Vegas in the United States of America. The writer and director of "O" is Franco Dragone. Creative direction of the show has been done by Gilles Ste-Croix. The set designing is by Michel Crete. The music has been composed by Benoit Jutras. The stunning costumes that you get to see at the show have been designed by Dominique Lemieux; where as the designer for the aesthetic lighting has been done by Luc Laffortune. The marvelous choreographer behind this commendable show is Debra Brown. Sound designers are Jonathan Deans and Francois Bergeron. The artistic director of "O" is Rob Bollinger. The production was preceded by Quidam in 1996 and was effectively take up in succession by La Nouba in 1998.

One of the most exciting factors about Cirque du Soleil O is that from 2010 the company began offering avid fans of the show to come for some thrilling backstage tours and they are still happening. The experience of seeing the show live in your seat is without any reasonable doubt one of the most exhilarating experiences ever, but having the chance to go backstage and see the "O" theatre allows fans to see stunning training rooms, break areas, costume workshop, backstage wings, underwater lighting places and also get the chance of going into the lighting and sound booths.

Cirque du Soleil O features a cast of about 85 performing acrobats, swimmers as well as divers. The pool in which the performances take place is uniquely built. The pool has a wonderful communication system for underwater transmissions as well as regulators which permit the performers of the show to be able to breathe easily underwater. All of the members of the cast of the "O" show are scuba certified. The underwater stage lift of the show has been produced by Handling Specialty. The stage lift is just stunning. It has the capability of rising and easily falling into water without a wake.

Since the Cirque du Soleil O is quite taxing on its performers, they are supposed to look their best at all times. In order for them to keep a fresh look for the audience, the cast members have many sets of costumes so that when they come back onstage, they look completely dry, even though they have been in water.

Cirque du Soleil O is soon going to be giving a remarkable live performance. This is a perfect opportunity for you to get hold of Cirque du Soleil O tickets. Book your Cirque du Soleil O tickets today so that you and your loved ones can experience a world class circus event that will be truly memorable.

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