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Cirque du Soliel Totem is a contemporary theatrical circus show organized by Cirque du Soleil, which is a Montreal based entertainment company that juxtaposes circus art with street entertainment. Their shows assimilate circus moves from all around the globe. Their main instrument of keeping the audience tuned-in with the show is the nonstop live music, where interestingly, it is the performers as opposed to the stagehands, changing the props. The popularity of the cirque has grown exponentially since the 1990s through the 2000s where the tantalizing, globe-trotting success of the show has taken it form 1 performance to 19 performances in more than 271 cities worldwide. Cirque du Soliel Totem premiered in Montreal in 2010.

Cirque du Soleil Totem tickets reveal the evolutionary story through the ‘Totem’ print design where ‘T’ is represented by a tree, ‘o’ by a turtle, the middle ‘t’ in shape of a man in flight, and ‘e’ with the side wing of a butterfly. The Cirque du Soliel Totem show is heavily loaded with symbolism which, in turn is the language of the narrative. Among the many symbols for example, the turtle is an omnipresent animal as understood through many myths, legends and oral traditions from around the world, and is supposed to represent the earth while ‘carrying the weight of the world on its shell’ as Cirque du Soliel Totem explains. The fragile, short-lived butterfly symbolizes the cycle of life, which is very closely similar to the meaning of big rings that are also part of the show. The rings in their circle physicality represent the cycle of evolution and development.

In Cirque du Soliel Totem, the many detailed series of acrobatic spectacles really take their audience through a unique panorama of circus history, by not only incorporating glimpses of the various circus techniques practiced around the world but also by delivering an anthropologically educational performance that assimilates and reflects the many varying cultural elements through costumes and music. In-keeping with the storyline, the musical components include rhythms, instruments and melodies from the five continents, like the combination of Spanish flamenco, Native American and Indian music. This aspect is well portrayed on the bright, glossy Cirque du Soleil Totem tickets that succinctly phrases the cirque experience as ‘a fascinating journey into the evolution of mankind’ where man’s evolution includes not only his evolution from the amphibian state to the present but also the evolution of the many culturally varied societies. .

Cirque du Soliel Totem is a particularly fun-watch due to the exceedingly opulent designs of the set and costumes. The performance requires an enthralling 779 costumes, which are prominently inspired by elements of nature. Various materials, fabrics, fluorescent pigments, fragments of crystals and mirrors are combined to achieve this. The very facts about these costumes are astounding enough to spark the curiosity to actually see them; for example the stretchy velvet leotard costume worn by the Crystal Man, is the show’s heaviest costume weighing nearly eight pounds, owing to embellishments comprising of almost 4500 reflective elements that include 4001 glass fragments.

Thecast of the Cirque du Soliel Totem show comprises of fifty-two artists from nineteen countries, who all come together to play the four characters of the Crystal Man , the Scientist , the Tracker and the Amerindian Dancer . The Crystal Man, in his beautiful sparkling costume, opens the show as the character from space that has arrived on earth to give life. The Tracker is a friend to animals, who is concerned about the environment, heartily helping the Scientist through his many explorations. The Scientist is a Darwin-inspired explorer who performs scintillatingly fascinating physics experiments. The spinning Amerindian dancer takes the audience into a magical world, where the base story of species’ evolution is narrated symbolically through the means of rings. Owing to the nature of the Cirque du Soliel Totem show, several performers are needed to play the same character, which is also why the cast has to keep changing frequently.

The Cirque du Soliel Totem is really a euphorically exciting experience of a journey that speedily brings much to its audience from all spheres of arts within a few hours. Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for them to hit town so we too can finally see the Cirque du Soleil Totem tickets extravaganza unveil before our eyes.

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