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The American hard rock band was formed in 1989 when Jack Blades of Night Ranger, Tommy Shaw of Stryx, the motor city madman Ted Nugent, and a young power drummer Micheal Cartellone came to join their hands together. These rock idols went double-platinum on their debut self-titled album. Then in 1992 they went platinum with their "Don't Tread On Me" album, which the title song received extensive coverage at the Barcelona Olympic Games.

First Album

These talented rockers wasted no time after the release of their debut album and launched a mega world tour that "yanked" the world by storm with their wide range of talent. After their long year and a half tour of the "Damn Yankees" album, they went back in the studio to record the "Don't Tread On Me" album then they went right back out on tour.

Second Album

The release of their second album wasn't as big of a hit as the first album, but came out with such hits as the self-titled "Don"t Tread On Me", "Mister Please", and such ballads as "Where You Goin' Now" and "The Silence Is Broken"

Third Album

As the band began working on a third album, Damon Johnson of Brother Cane was added as another guitarist. The move was necessary due to Shaw's participation in Styx. If Shaw was unavailable Johnson would fill in as second guitarist. There was also talk that all three guitarists would play together when Shaw was available. A reunion tour rumor came around in July, after Styx and Ted Nugent respectively finish their tours.

The future

As we can find Jack, Tommy, and Ted all out on tour, but on tour with their old bands, so the million dollar question is that what is the futue of their new rock band. Night Ranger is back after a seven year break-up, Styx is back on the road after a thirteen year separation from Tommy, and finally Ted is back touring solo since before the Damn Yankee era. Now it is a very uncertain future for Damn Yankees. We saw all three of those tours back in the summer of 1996, and found Tommy Shaw saying Styx is back for good. Then seeing Jack Blades rock the crowd with a couple Damn Yankees songs during the Night Ranger show. And finally, Ted Nugent mentioned in an interview before his show with Bad Company that Damn Yankees had recorded a third album but wasn't releasing it until the winter of 1996 when everyone was done with their tours. So has everyone liked reuniting with what made them stars and legends, or is it just a trip down memory lane?

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