Dance Temptation Tickets

Dance Temptation is a journey of immature love and a theatrical creation about the fate of a young love. The story centers on Jessica and Matt, two characters performed by the best singers and ballroom dancers of the world. Jessica and Matt look for love as they come across with temptation at each step.  The couple has travelled all over the world and experienced various cultures through well known dancing styles. Throughout the show they share their stories with the audience, and if you too want to hear about different dancing forms, then get some Dance Temptation tickets.

Edyta Sliwinska is one of the dancers to perform in the show. She was born in Poland and began dancing at the age of ten. She turned out to be a thriving ballroom dancer in her home country and accomplished a world-class position representing her nation by competing internationally around the world. Moreover, she has appeared in many TV and magazine ads. She shifted to U.S.A. in 2000 in order to pursue a career in dancing. She met Alec Mazo, her partner and later husband, at a ballroom in a dance competition in England and today, they set the stage ablaze together. The couple was US finalists for four times representing the States on several international championships. In 2005’s summer, Edyta made her first appearance in Dancing With The Stars’ first season. Edyta is recognized as being the only qualified dancer who has appeared on all ten seasons of the show. However, she had partnered with other dancers that include Evander Holyfield, Ashley Hamilton, George Hamilton, Lawrence Taylor, Aiden Turner, John Ratzenberger, and Cameron Mathison. The audience loved her and she soon turned out to be the face of the show. She was in the commercials of Dancing With The Stars and also her picture appeared in the posters of season three to eleven.
Edyta Sliwinska has been touring with the show for quite some time now. Her other interests include modeling and she even modeled for the fitness segment of the book DWTS. She has also appeared in the commercial of "Kay Jewelers" and starred as a guest in CSI:NY. She has also been invited on a number of talk shows in America such as "The View", "Extra", "Dr. Phil", "Ellen", "Hollywood 411", "Hollywood Insider", and many others. Along with her husband she has come up with a fitness and dance DVD "Fitness with the Pros’ and ‘Dancing like the Pros’. The performances that Edyta gives are completely choreographed by her and she is also well known for her great teaching skills. According to her students, she is creative, patient and kind.
You can now witness the talented star live at her upcoming show, Dance Temptation. Mazo and Sliwinska will be rocking the stage together with their graceful moves and stunning acts. Witness perfection and be awed with your Dance Temptation tickets. 

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